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Top 10 tips to make your salon a waxing success

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February 16, 2018

What Is Waxing?
Waxing is a simple and affordable method of hair removal. (Regrowth varies according to the individual. Fees can vary depending on individual client needs.) We utilize fast, sanitary state of the art techniques and waxes.

Running any business, either it may be small or large, it will be hard. For owning a beauty business whichever path has led you, all of them can have the same weakness, some can be successful or some even not. Non of us are perfect.If we were perfect then we all had been billionaires now.

Here are some of the tips for making your salon a waxing success.

  1. keep in touch: It seems to be quite basic but it’s the truth that many of the saloons do less to on client follow up. Surely there is a fine line between customer service and disturbing. But you know that your clients are best and that is the line for your business. So make good communications to meet the specific needs of customers. You can make a good email database so that you can keep in touch with your clients regularly. You can also spend some time by building a good social media network. Set some goals for staffs for mentioning the things. It will make the clients excited.
  2. Make it memorable: It often makes me amazed me how many of the therapists do not work with anything more than talc and a citrus wax cleaner. Will you do facial without cleansing first? There are so many things that must occur while performing other types of treatments. But waxing seems to be lacking it. The clients who do only waxing needs to be pampered little before and after their hairs are ripped from their body. You can do cleansing an area of waxing. It can be relaxing and using an after-wax oil or lotion after waxing can be can be relaxing too. If you will perform this treatment than it will remain in client’s mind. They expect you to wax them but they may not expect to leave your salon because they feel refreshed in a hint of mango aroma!
  3. Waste not: There can be a lot of wastage where waxing is done. Teach your staffs how to use correct waxing techniques and how to save a money. And tell them not to do over-use of the things like hard wax and strips.

  4. Express yourself: Express waxing by using my “buddy system”. It means working smarter rather than working harder. You have to work without sacrificing results. This technique is very useful for busy times like Christmas. Two therapists working together on a single client is more effective than two therapists working individually on separate clients. When therapists work together they become more focused on their work and they will be motivated. If there is a pair of less experienced and more experienced therapists then they can share ideas and techniques at the same time. The clients will also feel special as they are being given the special treatment at the same price.
  5. Open your ears: In the work, you have to be the master chameleon. You have to change your colors according to the behavior of the clients in front of you. By doing so you may hear little helpful information about your business which you may not be able to get without the help of our clients. It can be very helpful for you. Never leave your client unhappy. Check them before you are finishing. You may not have done the things they have wanted. Make sure that they are happy with the service you have provided to your clients.
  6. Would you like fries with that: Not just from facial or spa treatment, retail sales can come from waxing service too. The most common things in the clients who do waxing are their ingrown hair.
    [amazon_link asins=’B001BOAIHO’ template=’ProductAdLeft’ store=’kinnajamamazo-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’bc06123c-4d5a-11e8-a406-a5e75fc673f8′]
    Make sure that your staffs have an appropriate range to refer the client. If you are being nervous in retailing the price than you can add one product. It may be anything like an ingrown hair treatment, a pair of tweezers or even exfoliating mitt. It is easier to sell the ingrown hair treatment of $20 to the six clients than selling the product of $120 to one client after doing a facial.
  7. Wax with the best: If you buy a cheaper mosquito killer spray and then you have to use it more of it than the expensive one, have you really saved anything? Especially staffs are more likely to waste it because they don’t care it is expensive or cheaper one because they do not have to pay for it.
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    Quality products which are made from quality things will result in better service for your clients. so try to use the best quality of services for your clients.
  8. Be clean to keep them keen: Not only a good service is enough for making clients happy. If you give them the best service but the environment is not good then they will not be satisfied and feel irritated there. Washing towel, cleaning floors is also one of the ways of making clients attracted towards your place. Make your room hygienic. A pot of wax should always be clean and shining for each of the clients. Don’t throw the waste products after waxing. Put all the waste materials in the dustbin and keep it out of sight of the clients because it may irritate the clients.
  9. Never stop learning: Never think like you and your staffs know everything about waxing. There may be many things which are unknown to you. There are so many techniques, hints and ideas which your staffs may know but you don’t. so spend some time with your staffs. Make them perform a treatment and see what you can teach them and what you can learn from them. Search for the specialized training in certain techniques such as American waxing. It may take formal classes for the therapists to become easy in doing a treatment like this.
  10. keep focused: Always make your focus towards your goal. You as well as your staff needs to involve in this process. Even your staffs need a goal. So, set them and watch them achieve their goals. Make a friendly environment with your staffs. Make them work with you not make them work for you only. This is your business, therefore make a certain goal to be achieved by the business.

Above mentioned are some of the tips which you can follow by which you can make your salon a waxing successful.

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