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Nail this reverse french manicure in time for tonight’s holiday party

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment, especially for fingernails and hands, primarily performed at home or sometimes in a nail salon or parlour. A manicure consists of filing and shaping the free edge, pushing and clipping any nonliving tissues, treating the hand and massaging the hand. But when this treatment is applied to the toenails and feet, then it is called a Pedicure.

A French manicure is a type or style in which fingernails are painted pale pink with a white band at the top. French manicure is the famous and most used fingernail treatment till now since its establishment. It can be done in an artificial nail for testing, i.e. design can be resembled the original ones and can be characterized by lack of base colour or natural pink base nails with white tips. A reverse French manicure is a prominent colour painted at the base of the Nail instead of at the premium. A reverse French manicure is also called the half-moon manicure.

Some of the reverse French manicures are listed below:

Icy blue gradient

Apply a base coat to keep nails and use a thin tip of frosty blue or royal blue; then, underline the cuticles below the skin. Once it gets dry, apply a top coat and enjoy this beautiful look.

Carey Mulligan’s nails for the 2021 Oscars

You can get your hands on inspired nail design Carey Mulligan’s 2021 Oscars. For a golden glow, apply two shades of gold and a nude colour. Use a thin-tipped nail striping brush for painting the delicate accent along your cuticles after the brown-hued shade.

Crescent moon art

Trim your nails to a perfect rectangle & paint it with black leaving out a portion of your cuticles for an eye-catching look. You can use a nail sticker to ensure that you don’t miss the black nail polish on the entire cuticle. After that, brush out that nude shade and form a half oval to create the crescent moon effect.

Glamorous gold

This stunning soft glam look is the best look you need to make an entrance. Grey nails with a gold accent work best; either you going for a red or a gold-shaded outfit.

This method can also be done in the home by oneself with some of the tips and care. If you want to be ready for the tonight holiday party in time with a reverse French manicure, then following these simple steps can do all the things:

First, getting your Nail ready: For that, you should at first do the following simple steps:

  • Remove your old nail polish: At first, take cotton at putting some nail remover liquid in it and apply it to your Nail even if your Nail is
  • Don’t make your Nail too short: French manicure looks better in the more significant Nail rather than that of the more straightforward. So, trim your Nail to the desired length only.
  • Fill and buff your nails: Use a nail file to finish shaping your Nail so that they have a perfect crescent-shaped edge and are smooth. Use a nail buffer for buffing the surface of your Nail.
  • Soak your nails: Place your hand in the warm water, whole milk or olive oil. Do this process for at least three minutes, then dry your hand with a towel.
  • Push back and trim your cuticles by using an orange stick or cuticle stick to push your cuticles back. We can also put some cuticle oil into nails at this time. Make sure not to put this too much, or the Nail may look too much brighter.
  • Applying Polish: For this, must do the following:
  • Apply the base coat of the French manicure is usually pale pink, cream or clear. Paint from the cuticle with the help of a brush angled forward. You can also buy French manicure kits that come with a classic base coat colour, tip colour, and other equipment to create a perfect manicure.
  • Paint your nail tips with white polish: Paint your nail tips with white polish and make sure your hand is steady. The white polish should stop where the whites of your nails stop. After that, allow the tips to completely dry, and then apply another coat if you wish.
  • Add a clear topcoat to protect the look of your freshly painted nails: Using a top coat will make the manicure or help the manicure to keep long last.

So, following all of the above steps, make your nails reverse French manicure in time for the tonight holiday party.

Source: Image by Freepik

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