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Lipstick economy booms in China

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February 14, 2018

According to the recent research done by Mintel, sales of lipstick are driving force behind the growth of colored cosmetics sales in China.

China 2017’ has reported out that lip color’s share of china’s makeup sales has been increased from 15 percent to 22 percent from 2016 to last year. It seems to continue to grow further as 64 percent of Chinese woman thinks that lipstick is the most important color cosmetic product ever.

Jessica Jin, Mintel associate beauty director said that lipstick is now nearly universal in China. 95 percent of urban Chinese female consumers have been using lipstick or lip gloss in the last six months.

She also said that there is harmony across China that doing a makeup is the very useful way to boost confidence and at the same time, it is also the way of showing respect to others.

Almost 63% of Chinese women of urban has said that they almost everyday wear makeup. In 2016, up from 38% of surveyed women has said the same.

She said that the growing popularity of ‘natural’ and ‘make-up-free’ beauty trends among Chinese color cosmetics consumers has also been identified by company’s research.

“It is easy to look natural and good but big trends in makeup are healthy looking skin, it is the outstanding goal of being beautiful”, she said.

41% of Chinese women do makeup ‘natural’, 17% follow ‘fresh’, 12% does light makeup and 12% of them doesn’t do makeup. It indicates the desire for the good and healthy skin. This is especially among the women of the age of 20 to 25 who have an extreme desire for a fresh face look.

The report has also shown that the Chinese consumers are also showing more attraction towards beauty brands of China. It is been selected by more than 30% people who wear makeup.

Director of the center, Chi Jianyi said, “ The coloring agent we produce is totally environmentally friendly”.

The colorant was invented by Zhang Hongjie. He was the member of the Chinese Academy of science. Zhang told China Daily recently this year that due to perfect coloring and nontoxic properties of it, it can replace most existing coloring in the market.

Jin said, “we have seen the growth of Chinese brands in recent years, not only in the category of cosmetic color but also in the category of beauty and personal care”.

What Chinese brands are selling is not patriotism but rather their motive is increasing the quality of product and getting brand equity and technology.

Even each of them has still less than 10% of total market, Chinese brands Carslan and Marie Dalgar and South Korea brand, Amore Pacific, are companies which are getting a share of the market with all of them situated huge price level.

Mintel has estimated that color cosmetic market of China will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2% in next five year to reach RMB 49,662 million by 2022.

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