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How to use Bronzer vs Contour?

Are the bronzer vs contour used for the same purpose? Well, we have all the answers here for you. Both bronzer and contour are essential products in makeup for achieving a defined look. Even if they are used for similar purposes, both bronzer and contour are applied differently and give different results. So, to reach a fine makeup look, you must learn how to use bronzer and contour.

Bronzer is mainly used for adding a warm and sun-kissed glow to the skin and is usually applied where the sun hits the face, like cheekbones, forehead, nose, etc.

The contouring technique uses products with cooler tones to create shadows and define facial features more. So, for any occasion, for a stunning defined look, bronzer and contour are the must-have products in makeup.

Bronzer and Contour: Difference Between the Two

Even though they might look similar on the surface, they are applied differently and give different results. Knowing the difference between bronzer vs contour is necessary for the perfect defined makeup look. The difference between the two is simple: one adds warmth, and the other is used to define facial features.

Bronzer is a product that gives a warm vibe and glow to your face complexion. Knowing how to use bronzer and where to put your jawline, cheekbones, and nose will help define your facial features more nicely. Moreover, unlike contour, bronzer shades are warmer and can be used with a larger brush for an all-over bronze for a perfect glowing finish makeup look.

Contour is slightly different from bronzer; it is used for sculpting and giving shape. It can be in liquid, powder, or cream form used for sculpting the face shape. But the outcome of the contour is only perfect when one knows how to use it.

How to apply Bronzer?

To create beautiful, healthy-looking, glowy makeup, you must first understand how to use bronzer. Applying bronzer is less complex than you might think.

As mentioned above, bronzer is used to get the sun-kissed glow, usually covered with foundation and concealer. We can apply bronzer anywhere the sun hits our face, like the nose, forehead, cheekbones, etc. You might need clarification here, thinking it’s the exact spots where the contour is applied. Well, the shapes placed above are used to mimic the shadows, but the bronzer is about reflecting light and warmth. You can also see the makeup artist’s Instagram tutorial below; your bronzer is widespread here, where she shows contour should be blended carefully in the areas you want.


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Some of the most popular bronzers are:

How to apply Contour?

Applying the contour can be confusing, so here is your complete guide. For perfect, sharp cheekbones, start from your hairline near the ear and create a line in the hollows of the cheekbones. Also, blending brush and sponge will be better if you use a cream base contour. But if you use powder contour, stick with a contour brush to blend for perfect results.

If you want to make your chin more defined, then focus on the jawline. It would help if you focused on the jawline and below the chin.

You should focus more on the jawline to achieve a more defined chin look. But first, after deciding whether to use powder or cream, you must select the shade. It would help if you chose this shade darker than your bronzer for the most natural effect. While applying, decide where you want to create a shadow in your face. It’s all about creating believable shading. Carefully bind the product under your cheekbones into the creases of your eyes, the jawline, and the side of your nose. Then, highlight the areas you want to look defined with a concealer. After blending everything carefully, you are ready to shine and go out.

 Below I’ve attached the video for you from where you can learn to contour your face.

Some of the most popular contour products are:


Do you need Bronzer vs Contour both? 

For a full glam, perfect look, using both bronzer and contour is necessary and not just a recommendation. But for an everyday look, you can avoid both of these. Which is the most popular bronzer vs contour? Well, both are used for a specific reason and perform different duties.

If you like a summer low makeup look, then bronzer is all you need. You can use contour when you’re looking for more facial definition or feeling like you want the extra glow today; go for it. Contour is your best friend whenever you like to keep your cheekbones or perfect jawline.

We hope all these basic guidelines above will be helpful for you. But you should know your skin type and shades better before following anyone’s makeup guide. So, no matter what, always be your true self and pick the products you feel good using.


What is the difference between bronzer vs contour?

Bronzer is more of warmer tones used mainly for the sun-kissed glow on the skin. On the other hand, the contour is a more relaxed tone used for sculpting the face for a snatched, defined look.

How do I choose the right bronzer shade for my skin tone?

While choosing the bronzer, always look for a shade or at least two shades darker than your skin tone. If you have fair skin, choose a light or peachy bronzer; choose the warmer undertone bronzer for medium to deep skin tones.

Can I use bronzer and contour together?

Of course, Bronzer is used for adding warmth to the face, while contour is used to define a sculpted look. You just need to blend them well to slay your day.

Can I use bronzer as a contour?

As mentioned above, bronzer is only used to add dimension to the face, so it is not better to utilise it for contour. Because it has a warmer tone that doesn’t fit for natural shadows. Contour products are usually matte, cooler-toned, and used for a more realistic shadow effect.

Should I contour every day?

Like doing makeup is a personal choice, contouring is also not a necessity but a preference. But when used correctly, it can be great to enhance your beauty for special occasions.

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