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Unrealistic beauty standards of today’s world

With the increase of photo-editing tools and filters, it’s now easier to show the perfect version of yourself online. But it’s what makes beauty standards today reach unrealistic expectations. The rise of social media, celebrity culture and advanced photo editing techniques has created an environment where natural beauty is often overlooked. You’re too hairy, you’re too thin, ohh! you look dull, your dark circles are visibly clear, you should join the yoga and gym classes, and yes the list goes on.

The list of unrealistic beauty standards that society has set for women today is just infinite. And, all these beauty standards cause harm more than good.

What are beauty standards?

Beauty standards refer to the set of values applied to our appearance both men and women to be regarded as beautiful and handsome and fit in society. These standards are usually concerned with people’s hair, skin, clothing, and body parts.

In today’s world, beauty standards often mean flawless skin, and a slim body, which is a narrow concept of beauty that many people feel pressured. These ideas of beauty get spread through social media, advertisements, and entertainment, making it challenging for individuals to accept their unique appearance. These unrealistic standards lead to negative self-image and leading to mental health issues.

The Influence of Social Media

The rise of social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat all of these have hugely contributed to unrealistic beauty standards today. All the filters and photo editing apps today allow us to change our appearance completely.

Even influencers and celebrities often present highly curated versions of their lives, showing perfect skin, perfect body, luxurious lifestyle, and so on. All these things and exposure to social media lead individuals to compare themselves unfavourably, fostering feelings of low self-worth, and feelings of inadequacy.

Celebrity culture and media

Celebrity culture shows unrealistic beauty ideals through the glorification of physical perfection. All these magazines, movies and television series feature ideal celebrities who are perfect in shape, have flawless skin, perfect makeup, and so on.

And the pressure to live up to this standard is immense, leading people to try extreme diets, cosmetic surgeries, and many other things to look good so that people will admire them. All these beauty standards are ruining our mental health and just our way of thinking.

Impact on Mental Health

The never-ending pursuit of unattainable beauty can have severe consequences for mental health. Even research and studies have shown a strong correlation between exposure to perfect images and the development of eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression, etc. The influence of appearance over character or abilities can also eliminate self-esteem and also increase the sense of worthlessness.

Unrealistic beauty standards affect Self-Esteem

These unrealistic beauty standards can even lead to feelings of low self-esteem, anxiety, negative body image, depression, social isolation and eating disorders.

Effects of these unrealistic beauty standards on self-esteem

The effects of unrealistic beauty standards on self-esteem can be damaging for someone. When people perceive themselves as falling behind all these unrealistic beauty standards, their self-esteem and self-worth also start dropping. This leads to contribute feelings of shame, depression, and anxiety. All these beauty pressures to achieve certain looks also lead to disordered eating behaviours and body image dissatisfaction.

Some studies and research show that women who compare themselves to models in movies, and advertisements have low self-esteem and depression levels are high.

We must recognize and know that beauty comes in different forms, face, and body and that unrealistic beauty standards are not representative of our beauty. We all are different, have different forms, faces and beauty and we should celebrate our beauty. Knowing the link between mental health and beauty standards, we all should work together to create a society and world where society values and celebrates individuality, encouraging mental well-being for everyone.

Breaking the Cycle

Unrealistic beauty standards are pervasive in today’s society, fueled by celebrity culture, social media, fashion and beauty industries. These standards set by society have negative effects on mental health and self-esteem, leading individuals to strive for impossible ideas. But we should know we all are different and we all are uniquely beautiful in our own ways.


How are the beauty standards perpetuated?

These unrealistic beauty standards set by society are perpetuated through social media, advertisements, entertainment and other forms of media that show the narrow definition of beauty.

What are some common unrealistic beauties of today’s?

Some of the most common standards are flawless skin, a slim figure so-called perfect figure, and specific facial features such as full lips, high cheekbones, etc.

How do these standards affect mental health?

All these beauty standards set by our society for women lead us to doubt our beauty which increases low self-esteem and mental health issues like depression, and anxiety.

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