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The 10 beauty plus camera to look absolutely more beautiful

Beauty Plus Camera is a photo app containing many tools for smoothing skin tone and removing blemishes to make portraits come out perfect. It is straightforward to use as well, as it works very well. Because of this functionality, you can be ready for the photo anytime.

Firstly when you open Beauty Plus Camera, you will be provided with a guideline for the user process. You can select “Self Portrait”, “Magic Brush”, or “Beautify” when you are ready to beautify your photos.

The “Self Portrait” mode lets you take a photo through your phone’s camera and save it on your camera roll. “Beautify” will provide you with access to all of your photos. It will help you to choose an existing one to touch up.

The editing screen will be shown when you select the picture. There you will get different tools, including adjusting the brightening, removing acne, the tone of your skin, and making your face slim.

Once you edit the photo, the Beauty Plus Camera app provides you with the option of sharing the image via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and e-mail. You can also only save the photo on your phone without sharing.

The Beauty Plus Camera app is free and has great functionality for editing photos. Generally, it’s best to try if you are taking pictures of portrait-type of yourself or others.

Other functions of “Beauty plus camera”:

Modify selfies and pictures

From the review of the number of people who have downloaded the BeautyPlus app, it would not be wrong to say that it’s pretty popular. The primary function of the Beauty Plus Camera app is to let the users edit their photographs and selfies as per their wishes. The app also comes with an auto-retouch feature, which means that users who don’t like editing pictures can enjoy the app’s other benefits.

Simple interface with presets

One of the best things about the Beauty Plus camera app is that it’s straightforward to navigate and user-friendly. Though it has an array of features, the only things that the users can see on launch are a photo-editor icon, a camera icon, and an icon for other apps. Users can choose the ‘Easy Editor’ option or go with manual editing by clicking on the photo editor.

You don’t need to have editing knowledge to use Beauty plus. If you’ve ever edited images on Instagram, then it will be effortless for you to use Beauty plus. You’ll find the app’s editing interface to be very familiar.

Once you get started with editing, you must take caution because sometimes it can be overdone. The function ‘Easy Editor’ helps users crop, enhance, and apply filters and effects to pictures. Moreover, users can also take the app’s help to remove the blemishes and add makeup to their faces.

Smoothen your skin with advanced editing features in the Beauty Plus Camera app

The company that designed the app, Meitu, claims that they developed Beauty plus by using insights received from photographers, makeup artists, and influencers. The result is here. Beauty plus comes with over 30 powerful editing tools, letting users present their Natural Beauty without using too many filters.

Once the Photo Editor is open, users get an option to auto-enhance their images and use a slider to choose the amount of editing required automatically. Users can also go with manual editing. Users can opt for HD retouch, an option that non-premium users can only use ten times. Apart from HD retouching, users can also select any functions like editing, retouching, makeup, filtering, and stickers.

The skin editor also lets the users crop or enhance images or disperse focus. Users can even use the ‘Magic Brush’. It glides different filters onto their photo. You have the option to correct your skin tone, widen your eyes, and whiten your teeth if you skip directly to the retouch feature.

Moreover, with the retouch tab, increasing or decreasing their heads’ size, reshaping chin and face-width, and narrowing their nose can also be done. There is also an option to get rid of dark circles, acne, and wrinkles through this section.

Moreover, Beauty Plus also comes with a Makeup applier that instantly turns any image into a masterpiece. Users can apply different filters like lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush with the tap of a button. They can even contour their face and change the colour of their hair according to their needs. It’s one feature that makes this app different from all its competitors.

Create attractive GIFs

More than the editing tools, the Beauty Plus camera lets users have a little more fun. Similar to Snapchat filters, users can apply several stickers to their faces. The user also gets the option to record videos and create GIFs using the camera button. Unlike photos, users can edit videos and GIFs using essential tools. Furthermore, the BeautyPlus app lets users add artistic effects and AR filters to enhance the pictures.

Beauty Plus download works with the front as well as a rear camera. You can easily click and edit the pictures on the go! Beauty Plus Camera app is available with a multiple-face recognition feature. Because of that, you can click group photos without any difficulty. If you don’t want to connect those group pictures, you can easily use the selfie-timer for hands-free images.

Share your images on social media.

The Beauty Plus app has many other features. You can easily share pictures on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You will also get options to choose to save your images on your devices. All edited pictures will directly be kept in the gallery, and the original photographs will remain intact.

The BeautyPlus app is safe to use

Many apps are not respecting user privacy, but that is not the Beauty Plus app. The only drawback of Beauty plus is the AR filter. It takes up to 1GB of space on an Android. The app requires a minimum of 480 x 854 resolution for filters to work correctly.

With “Professional photo editing”, you can do finger painting in different colours.

  • “Blur” for making Selfies look professional quickly. Just move over to apply the effect.
  • “Crop” for getting the perfect photo size.
  • “Photo Filters” for getting many extraordinary results, i.e. romantic, dramatic, and many more.
  • “Professional Control” for slimming, Enlarging, Stretching and rotating the image just with simple taps and swipes.
  • “Selfie Timer” is made for getting a perfect shot of hand-free photos.
  • “Multiple face reorganization” for getting a perfect group shot.
  • It makes ideal lightning even if it’s dark.
  • Sharing on different social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can be done from Beauty Plus.


Well, from the above we can say that Beauty plus is one of the best Beauty Plus Camera apps to use for clicking images to editing them with different filters and stickers. It is one of the must-try apps.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Advanced photo editor and camera
  • Over 30 powerful editing tools


  • The app is heavy on the system

“Top 10 Beauty plus camera app” can easily be downloaded from the link below:

Youcam Makeup

Youcam Makeup is one of the best Virtual Makeup & Selfie Retouch Apps for Android and iOS. With this app, you can retouch and edit your selfies easily with true-to-life makeup and face reshaping. There are many features for free users, but pro users have several additional features like makeover tools, skin smoother, whitening teeth, photo filters, live backgrounds, and more. Start applying hundreds of cosmetics products in real-time with Makeup Cam or Selfie photos.


Virtual Makeover In A Tap

With the app, you will be able to enjoy the best virtual makeup try-on. There are hundreds of best AR makeup looks and also collections of cosmetics. For makeup, there are lipstick colour, eye makeup, contour, blush, and foundation all in one easy-to-use.

Powerful Face Reshape

With Youcam Makeup, you will get several features to refine your facial features with face editing tools. With the top face shape app, you can easily shape your face, eyes, nose, lips, and many more. You can also easily adjust the shape of the forehead, nose, jaw, cheek, and chin within a second.

Magical Selfie Retouch

Using a skin fix and teeth whitening app, you can easily capture the perfect selfies every time. With a simple tap, you can remove all the dark circles, get smooth skin, remove blemishes, and tone the skin. This app is straightforward to use and gives you shiny and beautiful pictures every time.

Different hair colours & styles

How would you feel if we said you could easily change the style and colour of your hair with a simple tap? Unbelievable right? With this app, you will be able to change your hair colour and style as you love. Hundreds of hair colours and styles to try virtually are available. Magical multicolour, two-tone, and also ombré effects are known.

Smart Skin Diagnostics

The free skin score feature scan uses advanced AI and AI technology to measure the health of your skin in seconds. You can get a skin health scan, including texture information, dark circles, wrinkles, and spots in real time.

Pretty Makeup

Pretty Makeup is the perfect app to give yourself a complete virtual makeover and take your snappy selfie camera with motion stickers and beauty effects. There are several amazing effects available. Pretty Makeup is perfect for Makeup your photos and taking a selfie with motion stickers.



This app’s intelligent recognition technology helps make the Makeup precisely and naturally fit and makes your photos more beautiful.


Real-time beautifying effects and filters give you a perfect look in every photo. The particular motion stickers available in the app make your photo more cute and cool.

A Tap for Beauty

Throw away the annoying beauty steps; you will get a key to beautify the picture automatically. It will make your photos more beautiful, natural, more realistic.

Hair Style and colours

Get the hottest hair dye trends for you. You can easily adjust your hairstyle for yourself as you want. In addition, there are several popular and unique colours for your hair that you can easily apply. Moreover, you can also change the hair colour easily.


Pixel is one of the best face retouching and blemish remover photo editor apps. Get your best look with our new face photo editing app Pixl. The Face Retouch & Blemish Remover Photo Editor App. You can easily retouch and tune the images using the face photo editor, providing several tools to get perfectly smooth skin. You can easily remove red eyes, wrinkles, and dark circles with the help of this Beauty Plus Camera app.


Face Editor / Face Retouch

Retouch and tune your face portrait in a click and apply impressive filters and photo effects with pixels.

Pimple and Blemish Remover

Say goodbye to pimples and blemishes with the pixel! Pixel provides you with an advanced and magical blemish remover tool that works perfectly on all skin tones. With the blemish remover, you can get rid of pimples with the tap of a finger. Add a swipe of blush to add radiance and charm to your face. Our Blemish Remover tool does not simply ‘blur’ the target area but uses advanced imaging algorithms to blend the source data into the healed area. It provides seamless, realistic image repairs.

Get a Clear and Perfect Smooth Skin

Get smooth skin with the smoother tool. It helps to get clear skin without any scars or unwanted marks. Retouch, tune and edit the images for beautiful skin. Your skin will look naturally radiant in all of your selfies and photos!

Acne Remover

Is acne stopping you from taking beautiful selfies? Give it a try to Pixel. It easily removes acne with its acne remover feature. Pimples, dark circles, and wrinkles are very easy to remove with just a tap.

Teeth Whitener

A brighter smile takes your confidence to the next level. The teeth whitener function of Pixl works perfectly to provide you with a brighter smile. This app helps to detect the teeth for whitening simulation and adjust the shades with automatic detection of light environment on pictures.

Red Eye Remover / Corrector

Another tool will automatically detect and fix red eyes in your photo with the help of the latest AI technology. It helps to achieve super-realistic results quickly and effortlessly using the most potent red-eye corrector.


Instantly slim and change the shape of your face with simple steps. You can thin your nose, and face shape, or even get bigger lips with the help of an app.

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus is one of the best beauty cams with hundreds of features and filters. With Beauty Plus, you can make real-time face shape adjustments. Moreover, you can customize your complete beauty solutions and enhance the Beauty of your selfies.

Everyone can use several beauty features, but if you want to access every element of this app, you can go premium. It is optional because several features will be available in free versions, and those filters are beautiful. You can quickly smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, try trendy makeup, add filters, stickers, special effects, and more.

If you upgrade to BeautyPlus Premium, you can unlock over ten unique features to create the best edits.


The Best Friend app is specially designed to make your selfies better. Many people are not photogenic. This app can be beneficial for them because of its filters. Just with a simple tap, everyone can get better pictures.


Make great selfies in record time.

This app is designed for you if you are a selfie lover. There are a bunch of real-time filters and editing tools that make your selfies beautiful. You can choose between several filters like vintage, black and white, and many more.

Select, slide, and enjoy

Like other apps, Bestie also lets you select several filters simply by sliding your fingers. This option can be beneficial because the filter quality is good.

Better face shape

Best friend provides you with the ability to retouch your image. This can improve the appearance of your face with simple steps. Just tell the app the position of your eyes, and lips and move the bar to increase or decrease it. It sounds silly, but it can add magic to selfies.

Trimming the image or adding a frame

This option would undoubtedly improve your selfies. In the age of Instagram, getting the image to the correct dimensions is all-important. We all know that, and here the Bestie can be helpful.


Makeup Plus is an app that allows you to virtually “try on” different looks, styles, and colours of makeup. Using the front-facing camera, you can easily add distinct makeup filters while filming videos of themselves.

Makeup Plus is the perfect app for those who don’t have the time to experiment with different makeup styles. You change the colour of your hair to see how they’ll look with distinct types. The different styles in Makeup Plus look pretty realistic to provide the most authentic experience.

Additionally, you can take pictures of yourself in the app if you enjoy the look. These high-quality images can be uploaded to Instagram or other social media quickly after clicking.

All available makeup looks are sorted by genre and theme. This Beauty Plus Camera app is straightforward to use and can save time wasted trying out makeup looks in your real life too.


  • You can try different hair colours, makeup styles, and foundation shades to see what styles work.
  • You can use the facial recognition tech from the front camera to seamlessly apply makeup
  • Easily available dozens of different styles for parties, weddings, and daily wear


  • Makeup sometimes may not sync with your face shape


B612 is one of the best all-in-one camera & photo/video editing apps. This Beauty Plus Camera app offers several free features and tools to make every moment more special.

Several effects, filters, and stickers are updated every day!


Create your filters
  • Easily create a one-of-a-kind filter and share it with your friends
  • Creating a filter is very easy that you can easily create your filter even if you are using the app for the first time
  • Use different creative filters of B612 creators
Smarter camera
  • Apply different real-time filters and beauty and capture the moment as your picture of the day.
  • Daily updated AR effects and trendy filters as a seasonal exclusive.
  • Brilliant beauty is recommended for your face shape and helps in creating your custom beauty style.
  • AR makeup helps in creating a natural look from the daily trendy makeup.
  • Shoot at the best quality with the high-resolution mode and a night mode.
  • The Gif Bounce feature helps in capturing the fun moments. Create a unique gif with images and share it with your friends.


Snow selfie motion sticker is a photo-editing app that can help add some fun to your selfies with the collection of hundreds of animated stickers. You can also share your photos with your friends once you are done editing.

Snow Beauty Plus Camera app can be straightforward to take selfies as you can see the effect of different stickers before taking selfies. Once you take the photo, you can add stickers, drawings, and some texts of your choice. After taking pictures and applying changes as you want, you can easily share them with the app. You can even create a short video and share it.


Perfect365 is a photo editing app that allows you to modify your photos by adding several makeups and coloured wigs. It is very easy to use the app. Take a photo, or you can also select one that is already stored in your device’s memory and wait a few seconds.

You can make your smile wider, add makeup, lightly stretch out your face, add a wig, and several others. Once you’ve finished editing your photo, you can then save it to your device, or you can even share it across social networks.

Perfect365 is a fun and easy-to-use photo editing app that provides satisfying results.

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