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What happens to the belly button during a tummy tuck?

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December 2, 2021

So, you’ve decided to get a tummy tuck.

But you continue to have a few questions about the system, including approximately what occurs on your belly button after a tummy tuck.

Many people beings are surprised this specific thing, as a botched belly button could make the tummy tuck now no longer well worth it at all. Rest confident that the belly button won’t be altered or moved; as a substitute, the pores and skin and muscle around it will likely be tightened.

If you choose a mini tummy tuck, the entire system will take location underneath the belly button, which is an excellent alternative for folks worried about approximately a tiny pooch withinside the decreased belly.

Tummy tucks and the belly button

During the tummy tuck system, an incision can be made withinside the low abdomen via which fats and stretched pores and skin can be removed, and any free muscle groups can be sewn together. Another incision will generally be made across the belly button.

The closing top pores and skin are lifted as excessive because the rib cage is pulled down like a window colour to decrease pores and skin close to the pubic bone. The pores and skin are stretched tight, and the medical professional then choose the brand new perfect function to location the stalk of the belly button.

Your belly button is undoubtedly connected to the muscle groups underneath. During the system, it’ll live attached to its “stalk.” In maximum cases, the medical professional will create a brand new starting for the belly buttonTrusted Source, specifically if its form has come to be distorted after weight advantage or pregnancy.

If this isn’t accomplished well, the belly button can also become searching distorted — too flat, too deep, or the incorrect form. So, it’s critical to invite your medical professional to peer their portfolio and ask approximately their thoughts to your naval.

Suppose you’re healed from a tummy tuck and nonetheless upset together along with your belly button. In that case, you can recall an umbilicoplasty, a surgical treatment to alternate the advent of the belly button.

Healing after surgical treatment

The healing timeline after your tummy tuck will range depending on numerous elements, including your age, weight, and standard health.

You can also add or won’t need to spend the nighttime withinside the hospital. Your drainage tubes, which pull fluid far from the abdomen, will, in all likelihood, stay in a location for multiple days.

You’ll additionally want to put on an abdominal binder for approximately six weeks. This is essentially an utterly tight band across the belly that helps the tummy and allows to keep away from fluid buildup.

It’s specifically critical to put on your binder and keep away from a strenuous pastime so the belly button heals appropriately.

Post-surgical treatment care

Your health practitioner has to supply commands on the way to take care of your belly button after a tummy tuck. This can also additionally consist of cleansing the vicinity with heat water or a saltwater solution.

It’s regular for the vicinity to appear swollen or even a piece crusty after surgical treatment, and it can take so long as six months for the belly button to heal.

When to peer a health practitioner

Call your health practitioner proper away if you observe contamination symptoms within the belly button after a tummy tuck. These symptoms and symptoms consist of:

  • The belly button appears too constricted or too open.
  • Pus or discharge is coming from the naval.
  • Your belly button protrudes for several weeks.
  • You experience something difficult at the back of the naval.
  • The belly button appears distorted or “off.”
  • The scar feels painful or turns extra prominent.
  • You observe blood on the incision site.


A tummy tuck may be an excellent way to flatten the belly and tighten muscle groups within the abdomen, which could become free from pregnancy, weight advantage, or simply normal ageing. However, many people are surprised by what appears to be the belly button due to the system.

Usually, an incision can be made across the naval, and it’ll be lifted and placed lower back in the correct location to healthy the brand new form of the belly. In other instances, it can be essential to make a brand new starting.

It’s usually an excellent concept to peer earlier than and after pix out of your medical professional and pay near interest to the belly button vicinity while viewing them.

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