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How does a lower body lift work?

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December 2, 2021

The pores and skin all around our bodies begin off evolve to lose quantity as we age because of time and gravity. While this probable brings cellulite (in particular around your buttocks) to mind, board licensed plastic medical professional Alexis Parcells, MD, says that “pores and skin wrinkling and lack of tone can arise all through the body, and maybe in particular frequent at the chest, trunk, and leg areas.”

Because of this, my hobby in body contouring strategies has visible an uptick. These beauty strategies are higher, called lower body lifts.

Parcells tells Healthline: “Lower body lifts describe the elimination of extra pores and skin and lifting of the chest, trunk, and extremities (palms and legs). It may be divided into higher body lift, which incorporates a breast lift and an arm lift, and lower body lift, which incorporates an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), thigh, and buttock lift.”

Suppose you’re interested in a lower body lift, Parcells and any other board licensed plastic medical professional ruin down the entirety. In that case, you want to recognize approximately this manner, such as eligibility, downtime, blessings, and more significant.

What precisely is a lower body lift?

2016 have a look at in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—Global Open defines a lower body lift as a non-obligatory surgical treatment that addresses pores and skin irregularities withinside the following areas:

  • stomach
  • pubic area
  • flanks
  • lateral thighs
  • buttocks

While that is usually considered beauty surgical treatment, it’s frequently used after a person undergoes a dramatic weight reduction.

Procedurally speaking, a lower body lift typically includes the elimination of pores and skin in addition to the re-draping and resuspension of your body’s very own tissue. This can bring about a more excellent younger look and tone, in line with Parcells.

“Along with tightening of stomach wall muscle tissues and elimination of extra pores and skin from the stomach, thighs, and buttocks, the manner frequently carries liposuction to acquire a few stability among the torso and thighs,” Parcells mentions.

What are the benefits and dangers of a lower body lift?

A lower body lift consists of eliminating extra pores and skin, fat, and tissue withinside the lower stomach, in addition to the reshaping and tightening of your thighs, buttocks, and flanks, in line with Parcells. If that is something you’re seeking to accomplish, they may be blessings of this manner.

In addition to casting off extra pores and skin, lower body lifts had been connected to mental blessings, such as a stepped forward experience of body image.

A 2017 study discovered that lower body lifts considerably decreased dismissive body scores, extended long-time period emotions of elegance and vanity in looking at participants, and substantially reduced pain related to extra pores and skin.

Similarly, studies have found out that lower body lifts can also enhance the fine of sufferers who obtained bariatric surgical treatment. To be greater specific, a small 2013 scientific trial discovered that surgical treatment to lift the lower trunk after weight reduction stepped forward each the fine of existence and frame image.

Lower body lift strategies may be related to a few dangers.

A 2016 study suggests that surgical treatment has a usual hardship of seventy-eight percentage. And whilst fifty-six percentage of those headaches have been minor, they ought to nonetheless be accounted for while you’re thinking about this surgical treatment.

Some possible dangers of a lower body lift include:

  • look now, no longer searching such as you expected
  • inner bleeding
  • blood clots
  • loss of life of fatty tissue beneath neath the pores and skin
  • fluid build-up withinside the surgical area (oedema)
  • lack of sensation in pores and skin
  • leg swelling
  • pores and skin closing unfastened or saggy
  • everlasting scarring
  • infections

Who’s an excellent candidate for a lower body lift?

While a lower body lift can help dispose of extra pores and skin after a massive weight reduction, Parcells explains that that is an unmarried operation that may dramatically impact a man or woman’s body.

Because of this, she says, “this manner ought to simplest be completed with the aid of using a board licensed plastic medical professional who has to enjoy in body contouring.”

In addition to the understanding of a plastic medical professional, Parcells indicates it’s nice to visit a physician earlier than your manner so that it will carry out an in-depth record and bodily examination to make sure you’re now no longer at excessive danger of headaches, which includes wound restoration delays or blood clots.

Parcells explains that “an excellent candidate for a lower body lift is a person with extra pores and skin alongside the lower stomach and comfortable stomach wall muscle tissues, who additionally has cellulite or unfastened and wrinkled pores and skin alongside the thighs and buttocks.”

In addition to tightening sagging pores and skin, the ones who’ve skilled mass weight reduction are excellent applicants for this manner, in line with board-licensed plastic, reconstructive, and beauty medical professional Ben Lee, MD, FACS.

“Lower body lift strategies contain 360-diploma excision of pores and skin extra [around the trunk], frequently together with gluteal car augmentation,” Lee tells Healthline. “This essential method that an abdominoplasty kind manner is completed with excision of extra lower back pores and skin in a circumferential fashion. Instead of casting off all of the extra tissue at the backside, a few may be left in location to reinforce the buttocks. Medial thigh lifting is once in a while covered to enhance sagging internal thighs.”

How do I put it together for a lower body lift?

According to Lee, training for each surgical treatment begins off evolved with a session with a good and skilled medical professional.

“They will let you do your studies and assist you battle through the frequently puzzling and contradictory data that may be discovered online,” Lee explains. “It is essential to make certain you’re withinside the nice fitness viable, so session together along with your number one care medical doctor is beneficial.”

Maintaining a balanced food plan is likewise critical for restoration after surgical treatment, Lee says.

“You might be requested now no longer to smoke or drink withinside the weeks previous to your manner, as those will have poor results on wound restoration. You ought to forestall taking matters so one can make you bleed greater, which includes aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicinal drugs, which includes ibuprofen, and fish oil,” he provides.

What’s the manner for a lower body lift?

“A lower body lift calls for numerous hours to complete,” Lee tells Healthline. While the manner might also additionally range from man or woman to man or woman, under are a few widespread steps that a medical professional will observe to carry out this manner, in line with Lee.

  • On the day of surgical treatment, you’ll be organized withinside the pre-op area. The medical professional and anesthesiologist will do a very last appearance over your labs and clinical records.
  • Once the first step is complete, Lee says, “unique interest is given to blood clot prevention, so you’ll be given an anticlotting agent, and anti-embolism gadgets might be located in your lower legs.”
  • The medical professional then makes tentative surgical markings of the pores and skin to be excised. Your operative group then takes you to the running room and induces anaesthesia.
  • Your group will follow tracking gadgets and prep and drape you for surgical treatment. The medical professional then excise the extra pores and skin with cautious interest to minimize blood loss.
  • According to Lee, the majority of the surgical treatment includes ultimate the wound in numerous layers, and drains are used to put off extra tissue fluid. Your medical professional might also additionally use surgical staples. Following the closure of the wound, they may follow dressings.
  • Once the surgical treatment is complete, you’re then extubated and brought to the restoration area. “If your manner turned into massive, you could require an in a single day live for tracking and ache control,” Lee provides.

What can I assume from aftercare and recovery?

“You ought to put together your own home for a secure restoration,” Lee mentions. To do this, he advises the following:

  • Arrange for a person to provide you with a trip domestic and help you withinside the first few days of restoration.
  • Since the surgical treatment will affect your mobility, try and have supplies, meals and water, clothing, and medicinal drugs with no trouble available.
  • Although you ought to keep away from strenuous sports as you heal, you ought to nonetheless pass round to save you blood clots.
  • Above all, constantly make sure to observe the commands that your medical professional has supplied for you. This consists of appearing wound care, taking medicinal drugs, and maintaining observe-up visits.

What final results can I assume from a lower body lift?

When a lower body lift is well-executed, Lee says, “it can put off the extra pores and skin that effects from big weight reduction, whether or not it’s from the food plan and workout or bariatric weight reduction surgical treatment. The restoration is difficult, and there may be wound restoration problems given the massive incisions which can be involved.”

You might be left with seen scars, Parcells says.

But she explains that “the scar required for the manner is located very low at the stomach, usually withinside the pubic area, runs better at the thighs to keep the cultured enchantment of the thigh, and keeps alongside the lower lower back, simply above the buttocks.”

Parcells provides that the scar typically heals nicely and may be hidden with the aid of using maximum cutting-edge undies and swimwear.

How do I find a provider for this surgical treatment?

In phrases of coverage, Lee says lower body lifts are commonly non-obligatory strategies that aren’t included with the aid of using the range. However, a few coverage vendors might also additionally cowl the fees of surgical treatment, in particular, if they included the unique weight reduction surgical treatment, he explains.

You can use the Find a Surgeon device from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to look for a medical professional that makes a speciality of this manner close to you.


While a lower body lift can put off the extra pores and skin that affects weight reduction because of food plan and workout or bariatric weight reduction surgical treatment, it’s nice to method this surgical treatment beneath the steerage of an educated medical professional.

Be positive to observe all expert steerage and preserve a balanced food plan to peer the nice effects viable.

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