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FaceTite – everything you need to know

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is a minimally invasive beauty manner that uses RFAL to assist suction out fatty tissues whilst additionally stimulating collagen production.

Together, those outcomes are for assisting contour your face whilst additionally tightening your pores and skin for a more excellent younger appearance.

How a great deal does FaceTite price?

The price of FaceTite varies greatly, and your usual costs depend on the scale of the remedy location, your company’s fees, and wherein you live. Patients have mentioned spending between $1,500 and $7,000.

Since FaceTite is an attractive manner, it isn’t blanketed with the aid of using conventional clinical insurance. Be sure to realize all of your charges upfront and ask your company for approximately viable financing and cut price programs.

How do FaceTite work?

FaceTite combines radiofrequency waves with conventional liposuction.

First, your company will follow neighbourhood anaesthesia to the remedy location and make a small incision. They’ll then insert a small tool with electrodes to supply radiofrequency waves that liquefy fat cells.

While radiofrequency waves are emitted, a separate tube suctions out the now-liquified fats. The radiofrequency part of the manner has a double purpose because the waves additionally assist stimulate collagen fibres underneath your pores and skin.

Your pores and skin certainly lose collagen with age, which could result in flip growth, the advent of pores, age spots, and wrinkles. Building collagen again can also additionally assist your pores and skin appear toned and smoother.

Targeted regions for FaceTite

FaceTite objectives regions of the decrease face. This consists of your cheeks, chin, and jawline.

The manner is likewise secure sufficient to apply for the neck. FaceTite has been noted for supplying significant effects whilst staying minimally invasive.

A smaller model of RAFL referred to as AccuTite, can be wished if you’re seeking to tighten and tone the attention and forehead location. This manner makes use of a smaller tool.

Depending on your needs, your company can also additionally suggest a mixture of each FaceTite and accurate.

Are there any dangers or facet outcomes?

While now no longer a first-rate surgery, all beauty techniques can motive facet outcomes. Possibilities encompass bruising, swelling, and pain on the web website online of the incisions.

However, FaceTite is stated to motive fewer facet outcomes usual in comparison to different styles of techniques due to the small incisions used.

Less not unusual place dangers of FaceTite encompass contamination and scarring.

When to call your doctor

  • bleeding that won’t forestall
  • oozing or pus on the web website online of incisions
  • swelling that won’t subside after numerous days
  • nerve damage (lack of feeling on your face)
  • fever and chills

What to expect after FaceTite

Once the manner is complete, your company will follow compression clothes that you’ll put on domestic. These assist in making sure your pores and skin heals and tightens because it must.

You may fit domestic the equal day as your FaceTite manner. However, you can don’t forget having a person force you. It takes 1 to two days to recover. One study additionally mentioned that maximum sufferers present process the manner went again to paintings after two days.

After some days, you may observe smoother pores and skin. Full effects can be visible inside some months. Keep in thoughts that your results will vary, and also you must see your surgeon in case you’re now no longer happy.

Preparing for FaceTite

Ideally, you must be at a solid weight for numerous months and in usual correctly fitness earlier than the current process. Gaining or dropping weight can also additionally modify your FaceTite effects, which can also additionally require you to copy the manner sooner.

Tell your company approximately all supplements, herbs, and medicines you take. They can also additionally ask you to forestall taking medications that make you bleed numerous days earlier than the manner, together with blood thinners and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

You can also don’t forget to arrange transportation to and out of your appointment so that you don’t need to fear approximately using whilst sporting compression face wraps.

How lengthy does FaceTite last?

FaceTite is final for numerous years, and also you most effective want one remedy at a time. To keep a younger appearance, you may speak on your company approximately destiny remedies, including dermabrasion or fillers.

Depending on your needs, your company might also suggest combining FaceTite with different techniques, including micro-needling.

FaceTite vs Ultherapy

Ultherapy is considered a non-invasive beauty manner that still purportedly stimulates collagen and tightens your pores and skin. Unlike FaceTite, no incisions are made. Instead, Ultherapy makes use of ultrasound power thru a small tool implemented on your face or neck.

When present process Ultherapy, you’ll want repeat classes because the effects put on off. As with FaceTite, there’s no downtime wished for this manner.

FaceTite vs facelift

Both FaceTite and Ultherapy are options for a conventional facelift if you don’t need necessary surgery. In phrases of effects, though, specialists say that most effective a facelift can assure dramatic, everlasting consequences.

With a facelift, your company will control your pores and skin and muscle mass with the aid of using pulling tissues upwards. This manner is more excellent suitable for extensive sagging and deep wrinkles.

A facelift calls for more significant incisions to anticipate a better chance of facet outcomes which includes pain, bleeding, and contamination. Side outcomes from trendy anaesthesia also are viable.

How to find a provider for FaceTite

  • It’s vital to discover a board-licensed company and skilled with this form of beauty manner. You can begin with this unfastened seek device from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, which indicates you, legit vendors, on your location.
  • You might also name some potential vendors free of charge consultations to see which one you sense maximum cushty running with. A legit company can even have the ability to reveal you a portfolio in their paintings.


FaceTite is a significantly newer, minimally invasive era that mixes liposuction and radiofrequency waves. You can be a candidate when you have slight symptoms and symptoms of getting old; however, you don’t need to go through a complete facelift.

Talk to a skilled, board-licensed company approximately your beauty concerns. Along with FaceTite, they will suggest different alternatives to help you get the effects you’re searching for.

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