What are hair plugs, and are they still used today?

The term “hair plugs” refers to the form of hair transplants that had been accomplished from the 1950s till the early 2000s. During those processes, a health practitioner might punch out notably huge regions of pores and skin and hair from the lower back of your scalp and transplant them into balding areas.

Hair plugs are out of date and are not accomplished. The two strategies referred to as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are the maximum not unusual place processes.

Some humans mistakenly use the phrases hair plugs or hair implants to consult any form of hair transplant, including present-day FUT and FUE strategies.

Let’s look at the records of hair plugs and study why they’re not used today.

What are hair plugs?

Hair plugs had been an early form of hair transplant that used plug-grafts to cowl balding regions. New York dermatologist Dr Norman Orentreich accomplished the primary method withinside the 1950s.

During those early transplants, surgeons might punch out “plugs” (spherical sections of pores and skin and hair follicles) from the lower back of your head. These plugs had been approximately four millimetres (sixteen inches) across, and a health practitioner might insert them into balding elements of your scalp.

These early transplants had been nowhere close to as state-of-the-art as present-day strategies. They regularly produced an unnatural hairline and a doll-like appearance.

Over time, hair grafts have become smaller, and the effects have become more excellent herbal. By the 2000s, hair plugs fell out of fashion, to get replaced with the aid of using the more recent FUT method.

During a FUT transplant, a health practitioner cuts a strip of hair from the lower back of your scalp and extracts man or woman follicles. They then transplant the follicles to thinning elements of your scalp.

FUT and FUE, that’s similar, are nevertheless the maximum normally accomplished sorts of hair transplants.

Are hair plug processes still performed?

As the era has improved, hair plugs have been phased out to use the more recent FUT and FUE strategies. These more recent strategies provide many benefits like faster method times, a decreased chance of scarring, and more excellent herbal effects.

Early hair transplants took a long time. A look from 1971 describes the method taking sixteen weeks to finish a technique for deep hairline recession.

In comparison, present-day strategies take approximately four to eight hours.

Hair plugs vs present-day hair transplant processes

The maximum customarily accomplished strategies are FUT and FUE. These strategies transplant man or woman hair follicles that typically incorporate 1 to four hairs each.

Hair plugs vs FUT

The FUT method first seemed withinside the medical literature in 1995 and changed hair plugs using the early 2000s.

During the FUT method, a health practitioner will reduce a strip of pores and skin out of your scalp, extracting the follicles. They will then transplant the man or woman follicles into balding regions.

Individually transplanting follicles lets a health practitioner gain a more excellent herbal appearance than they might be capable of with large hair plugs.

FUT is regularly accomplished over FUE in case you want a vast range of follicles grafted. FUT surgical procedure is likewise usually inexpensive and shorter than FUE.

Hair plugs vs FUE

FUE is more recent than FUT and entails doing away with man or woman follicles instead of slicing a strip of pores and skin out of your scalp. FUE is presently the maximum commonly performed hair transplant method and has some blessings over hair plugs and FUT, inclusive of:

  • quicker recovery
  • much less ache and scarring
  • maybe powerful for humans with decreased hair densities

Generally, at some stage in hair transplant surgeries, you want to shave a part of your hair as a minimum. However, the top contemporary FUE technique may be accomplished on non-shaven hair.

Hair plugs vs stem molecular hair transplant.

Stem molecular hair transplants contain taking minor pores and skin patterns out of your scalp and replicating the follicles in a lab.

As of 2021, researchers are nevertheless investigating the effectiveness, ability blessings, and protection of those sorts of processes. However, they’ll come to be more significant to be had withinside the future.

Benefits of traditional hair plugs

Traditional hair plugs had been progressive at the time of their creation. However, they have got given that been phased out to use more excellent present-day strategies. Modern strategies are plenty faster and much more likely to present eye-catching effects.

Side effects of traditional hair plugs

Traditional hair plugs regularly produced effects that had been doll-like and usually didn’t produce effects as herbal as today’s processes.

Hair plugs additionally got here with a bigger chance of complications. Potential facet effects included:

  • scarring
  • contamination
  • bleeding
  • swelling
  • ache
  • scalp numbness
  • ingrown hairs
  • displeasing effects
  • transient hair loss

Who is a candidate for a hair transplant?

All humans can doubtlessly take advantage of a hair transplant. The following standards allow you to decide in case you’re an excellent candidate:

  • Type of hair loss. Hair transplants are powerful for treating genetic hair loss resulting from male sample baldness or lady sample baldness.
  • Area of balding. Hair transplants are the handiest at treating balding at the front of your scalp.
  • Medical records. You’re freed from fitness situations that can grow your chance of contamination or gradual down your wound healing. Some examples are thyroid disease, HIV, or diabetes.
  • Medications. You aren’t presently taking a remedy that can affect your hair growth, including amphetamines or propranolol.
  • Expectations. You have sensible expectancies, approximately the form of effects you could gain.
  • Hair insurance. You have ok hair insurance in your health practitioner to extract hair grafts.
  • Hair density and colour. People with darker hair hues and thicker hair densities generally tend to make higher candidates.

Is it feasible to switch from hair plugs to a present-day hair transplant?

Traditional hair plugs and present-day hair transplant strategies extract hair from one part of your scalp (usually the lower back) and insert it into the balding elements of your scalp.

If you’ve acquired hair plugs withinside the past, it’s nevertheless feasible to get a present-day hair transplant when you have sufficient to be had hair follicles to apply as grafts for balding regions.

In the FUT method, a health practitioner will usually use a strip 1 to 1. five centimetres (0. four to 0.6 inches) wide. If you don’t have ok insurance, overharvesting can also depart a sizeable scar or thinning of your hair.

Many hair recuperation clinics provide hair plug reversals for humans now no longer satisfied with their effects.


Hair plugs are an out of date form of hair transplant method commonly used till the early 2000s. Some humans nevertheless use the term “hair plugs” to consult any hair transplant surgical procedure, including present-day strategies.

FUT and FUE processes are presently the maximum normally accomplished sorts of hair transplants. These processes can present more excellent herbal-searching effects than hair plugs.

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