Tips for beautiful hair
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Tips for beautiful hair

Looking beautiful does not only mean to look beautiful with a great look and wearing a costly dress from any designers. Beauty cannot be measure with the dress up only. Anyone looks great if his/her beautiful hair is great, long, shiny, and whatever people says. Hairs are the essential part of the body which makes anyone look great.

If a girl is much pretty and has maintain all the things properly which makes her look great but has very less hair and the hairs are falling than that makes a negative impact on her. If any girl has thick and shiny hair than she is not only praised by all but also gives positive impact on her look.

If our one of the beautiful thing i.e. hairs are falling and are damaged or is full of dandruff, than it creates a real bad and negative impression on our personalities. Due to lack of knowledge about the hairs we are unknowingly damaging our hair. We think that washing our hairs on daily basis makes it strong and look beautiful but it is not so, as much we wash our hair the more our hair becomes dry and fall and breakage of hair happens.

Not only that we frequently brush our wet hair which make our hair breakage. Wet hair have more chances to break because it is more elastic. Even if we use towel while drying our hair it causes more hair fall because wet hair easily get broken when used towel. So, use your hand or wide-tooth comb to comb your hair while it is dry. Overheat or excessive temperature also can damage our hair.

There are some tips which every girls can follow to protect their hair and make it look healthier and beautiful. Some of the tips are:

  1. Nutrition diet:
    One should have to drink a lot of water and make sure the diet they are having is full of protein. For example lentils and meat are good source of vitamin A which is good for hair growth. Green leafy vegetables, carrots and cod liver oil should be included in the diet.
  2. Use of Curd or Aloe Vera:
    They are the natural tips which make the hair thick and prevents the hair from being damaged. Just apply a small amount of Aloe Vera gel instead of the used conditioner. Just use it for one or two minute on a regular basis and then you can easily see it’s beneficial. Those ladies who wants to make their hair thick of want to add volume to their hair then they can use this process and leave it to 30 minutes and then rinse and you can see it effects.

  3. Keep your scalp clean and free from oil:
    One should wash their hair when use the oil at the time of sleep as per their own balance. But should not wash frequently. Scalp should be cleanse properly to prevent it from hair loss.

  4. Stay away from hair styling treatments and products:
    Use of harsh chemical will not only damage our hair but make it fall within a short period of time. It can make our hair look beautiful and attractive for a while but can also damage the hair. So use of it should be less or rare.

  5. Use lukewarm and cold water to wash the hair:
    Our hair should not be washed with too hot water because it can damage the tips of our hair. So hair should be washed properly with cold water.

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