What is makeup and where we can learn about makeup artist courses? List of makeup artists schools.


The cosmetic product such as lipstick, eye shadows, powder, eyeliner and much more applied to the face which enhances or changes the appearance of the user.

Makeup artists work in a variety of personal or entertainment beauty service careers. Though there are no formal education requirements to become a makeup artist. We can receive is cosmetology training as well as makeup instructions theoretically and practically. Associate’s degree or training program on cosmetology is typical; bachelor’s degree in theatre is another option for makeup artists. It is a required education. An Associate’s degree program on cosmetology includes the classes like makeup application, skin care, hair cutting and styling, nail care and sanitation as well as salon management.

Licensure is required for the makeup artists who are cosmetologists in all states especially when they also work with hair cutting and its styling. Projected job growth is 3% for theatrical and performances of makeup artists. The average salary is $66,330 theatrical and performances of makeup artists.

Cosmetology programs are frequently offered at many community colleges and can teach the students broad range of beauty services and its knowledge including, makeup application, skin care treatments and nail care, hair cutting as well as styling. Without general education stipulation other more concise programs are prominently available in the beauty schools.

Those makeup artists who aspire to work on theatre can earn a bachelor’s degree in theatre. Students can learn the basic knowledge of makeup application, special effects like ageing and wounds, and the knowledge of corrective makeup.

It depends on you to choose from where you want to get the makeup artists courses but we just suggest some of the renowned beauty and makeup artists schools from all around the world. Some of the best makeup artist schools are being enlisted below along with the place where it is located:

  • EI School of professional makeup: located in the center of Hollywood, California.
  • The Makeup Designer: located in 2 cities one in Los Angeles, California and second in New York.
  • La Belle Beauty Academy: located in Florida.
  • La Belle Beauty School: located in Florida.
  • Clary Sage College: located in Oklahoma.
  • CMC Makeup School: located in the state of Texas metropolitan like Houston, Dallas, Austin, & San Antonio.
  • Joe Blasco Makeup artist training centre: located in California.
  • Avi Career Training: located in Virginia.
  • Elegance International: located in California.



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