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July 31, 2017

Every girls and woman love to look and be beautiful. They want to be praised and honored for their beauty. And it’s obviously true that they want to mark able for their beauty. But beautiful women to need some hint and tips to maintain and keep their charm as it is. They don’t want to be unnoticed in front of mass or crowd.

But it was difficult to get the help regarding beauty tips in the past as none of them wants to share their ideas with others. But it is not like that anymore. Nowadays anyone can easily get the information regarding the beauty tips on the internet, newspaper, beauty salon or even in the magazines. Yes, you heard right there are several magazines that provide beauty tips for both male and female to make them look fairer and beautiful on a daily or weekly basis.

There are many of such magazines as per your wish and choice. But here is some list which is made by some of the experts giving their opinion regarding it and they are:

  • Cosmopolitan: Cosmopolitan magazine, also known as Cosmo, for short, is the largest selling women’s and fashion magazine in the United States. It has a readership of 3,017,987 per month. This magazine was firstly introduced in 1866 as a literary magazine and in later 1966it became a women’s magazine. It is one of the famous newspaper which is ranked as the top priority. This magazine provides the information regarding the beauty tips on the regular basis regarding anything either for skin or for hair or nails. This magazine has helped many personalities learning about different beauty hacks and take care of themselves.
  • Glamour:    Glamour is another useful magazine which provides different information and tips regarding the beauty and its maintenance. It has its own unique features i.e. this magazine mainly focuses on the women aged from 18 – 49. It was originally called Glamour of Hollywood when published in 1939. And today it has become one of the biggest fashion and women’s magazines in the world. It is ranked as second famous and most used magazines in the United States. Its monthly circulation is 2,300,854. This magazine is also used for its ideas and daily quotes regarding the beauty tips. It is also very much used magazines which provide a detail information regarding the beauty tips.
  • Redbook: It is also one the very famous magazines which come in number third after cosmopolitan and glamour. It has its own identity and uniqueness. The magazine currently has a monthly circulation of 2,229,809. This magazine has targeted at married women and encourages them in their personal growth, the magazine itself claims to be about sex, love, beauty, fashion, food, home, mom, kids, mind, body, money, career, and a woman’s proverbial downtime. This magazine provides almost every tips and support regarding beauty and other to its reader.
  • Seventeen: From its name, it defines its specialty and functionality.It is one the most powerful and popular magazines of 21 and under. Seventeen is a magazine that probably falls into that category, that has a target audience of maturing girls ages from 12 to 19, and covers fashion, beauty, celebrity, pop culture and girls power in general and overall. It also provides the information useful for beauty.
  • InStyleInStyle is an American fashion makeup, beauty, and celebrity lifestyle magazine published by Time, Inc. It was founded in 1994, with its inaugural issue featuring Barbara Streisand on the cover. In just 20 years, it has become the fifth-most popular fashion magazine in the United States with a monthly circulation level of 1.775, 821. The magazine also currently has editions in 17 other countries. This magazine is very popular for providing latest beauty tips regarding different things.

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