Attraction for Ladies Top 3 expensive Australian Actors

Australian Actors

Australia also produces various movies every year.  So here are the top 3 expensive  Australian Actors from Australia.

Australian Actors Hugh Jackman: 

Original name of very popular Hugh Jackman is Hugh Michael Jackman.  He was born in 1968, 12 October at Sydney,  Hugh Jackman is  Australian Actors, New South Wales. Jackman became known outside Australia in 1998. Firstly he plays the leading role of Curly in the Royal National Theatre’s acclaimed stage production of Oklahoma.

Hugh Jackman is a complete package of an actor. He has good looks, talent and wonderful family with red-hot career.  All these characteristics of this famous Australian actor Hugh Jackman made him one of the highest paid actors.  He is very hard working actor from Australia.  Due to his attractive personality Hugh collect lots of fan and followers all around the world.  Different famous and big magazine publish that he is one of the highest paid actors of Australia. From musical Les Miserables, which Jackman earn a best actor Oscar nomination also. While Jackman’s annual salary is equivalent to a mega lottery prize. One of the highest paid actors of Australia.

Eric Bana: 

eric baana
Another highest paid actor of Australia is Eric Bana.  His full name is Eric Banadinovic.  Date of birth of this popular actor Eric is August 9, 1968, in Melbourne. He is the younger of two brothers. He is also one of the very talented actors of Australia. This Australian actor started his early career from 1993. His movies are all most all are very popular. His popular movies are Deadfall, Deliver, Us from Evil etc. Due to his attractive personality, he is famous in the mass of Australian actors.  Comparatively this actor involve in various kinds of social work as well, these factors help him to collect fans and followers. He is also receiving some of the very popular awards from his works.

He is very popular due to his comedy role at the beginning stage of acting. Eric inspiration and role model is Mel Gibson. Well, he is not only limits in Australia rather he is a very good actor of Hollywood movies also.  His acting ability is very amazing he can show all the package of acting like horror, action, emotion and comedy at the same time. One of the great and highest paid actors of Australia is Eric Bana.

Joel Edgerton:

In the list of top three highest paid actors of Australia, the name Joel Edgerton also comes in number three.  He is best known from his successful movies like Great Gatsby, Zero Dark Thirty, and Star Wars Episode II etc. He was born on June 23, 1974.  From the year 1995, he was active in the acting field. He is a very dynamic person, with good humanity.  He is very active in different social media. Joel is known for playing the role of Will on The Secret Life of Us for which he was nominating for an AFI award.  Frequently Joel works with director Kathryn Bigelow, appearing in her films The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty.