5 best name of blue nail polish names.


Nail polish also known as nail enamel or nail varnish is the lacquer that is applied in the fingernails or toenails for increasing the beauty or decorating and protecting the nail plates. There is different nail polish in the market available which are of its own types and nature. Different nail polish cost different as per their use and ingredient used in it. Some are costly while some are normal. Nail polish also comes in different colors and variant.

Nail polish is used as per the choice and color. Some people prefer red, some pink and some other. Nowadays most are using blue color nail polish as per their taste and use. Among different nail polishes, some of the best blue nail polish are mentioned below. They are:

It is the new generation nail lacquer that is very famous and popular for both of its elegant and practical looks.  It is presented in a sleek elongated glass bottle imprinted with the timeless YSL logo and believe it incredible. A pantheon of fashion-inspired shades, from subtle and natural to vibrant and dramatic looks give high-shine finish for its instant touch of glamour. It’s unique and most effective used formula i.e. chil Rose oil strengthens, moisturizes and protects nails from chipping and cracking. It dries fast and applies evenly without streaking.

It is the product which came into existence with the Creative Director Jaclyn Ferber. This product was launched as a continuation of the tenoverten mission and brand philosophy. The collection is no single i.e. it is composed of with 8 different gorgeous colors that are long-lasting and care that promote stronger and healthier nails. Tenoverten color stories have not come easily into existence but with the presence of beautiful surroundings and their clients’ needs. A unique mix of neutrals, bright, deeps, and metallic, tenoverten polishes are designed to be smooth and streak-free, allowing for easy application at-home or in the salon. Each tenoverten polish has its own story i.e. each one is named after a street in Downtown Manhattan and which embodies the essence of the unique neighborhoods that inspire them. In addition, tenoverten offers nail care products that is more natural in looks and also alternative to traditional treatments.

This is the costly nail polish i.e. it can costly really good for you. This nail polish goes flawlessly without and streaking.CHANEL LE VERNIS brings brilliance to your fingertips with must-have colors from the runways of Paris. It’s unique and amazingly used formula strengthens and moisturizes nails. A unique patented non-spill bottle along with the wiping action allows for easy application. It is the very unique and mostly rich type of product.

Smith & CuitBitter Buddhist is also one the best nail polish like others. But, it is also the most used and the costly nail polish in comparison with other daily used nail polish. It should be rolled gently between palms before use to warm product. It has its special uses and the process is also different. Then after applying a fine coat from the nail bed to the edge for its effective use. And for or a chip-free manicure, wear with Smith & Cult’s Base Coat and Top Coat for easiness.

Dolce&Gabbana intense nail lacquer combines or add together both fashion and beauty to create the perfect color-rich manicure which is choose from a spectacular selection of shades and textures, from vibrant bright to delicate neutrals. It is recommended for the women seeking a glossy effect. It is high performance color-rich nail lacquer.



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