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Know the Secret to Long-lasting Makeup

For every girl, it’s a nightmare when her makeup fades away by the time of lunch. But this nightmare can be solved by following easy steps. The way we apply our makeup makes it stay all day long or fade away. Therefore, in this girlsnbeauty blog post, we have mentioned nine tips to keep your makeup fresh all day long.
Therefore, using incorrect beauty products, and instructions or neglecting to prepare our skin properly, can harm the skin. 

Here are the tips for long-lasting makeup:

Always prep your skin

It doesn’t matter what steps you follow to wear your makeup, ultimately your skin won’t look nice and last long if your skin is not properly prepared. The collection of bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells on the skin’s surface opens pores and makes breakouts visible through makeup. So, your should at least exfoliate your skin twice a week to keep it smooth so that your makeup will last longer. Furthermore, for cleaning and exfoliating, you should be using a toner to balance the pH value of the skin for a smoother, brighter appearance.

Always use a primer

Never forget to use a primer before applying the foundation. Applying primer before the foundation is the most essential first cosmetic step for helping your make-up stay intact throughout the day. Also, to cover any blemish or oily area, you must apply the primer over your entire face.

Use a mattifying sunscreen

Not all sunscreens are the same and do the same work. You should avoid putting thicker SPFs on your face, as these types of sunscreen could cause your makeup to break down. Instead, go for a lightweight, mattifying sunscreen to layer under your everyday makeup look. You must choose your sunscreen according to your skin type as different skin types need different things.

Choose the right foundation for your skin

After some time, you can experience oil-based foundations starting to fade away/ slide out but that is not the case in other non-oil-based foundations. So, people who have dry skin should always moisturize their skin properly before using an oil-free foundation to keep their look last all day long. Also, you can opt for a long-lasting foundation. Also, it is best to remove excess oil using a tissue to improve the wear time of your foundation.

Add a Layer of Concealer

You might think concealer is too heavy, but applying concealer is one of the most essential steps to ensure your makeup lasts longer. Furthermore, for a long-lasting makeup look, you should follow the step i.e., concealer, then foundation, and again another layer of concealer for perfect coverage.

Don’t Slack on the Translucent Setting Powder

Giving a finishing touch to your makeup look with loose powder may sound like nothing great. But you must follow every step to make sure your makeup is fresh all day. So, for the finishing makeup look, take your loose powder puff and sprinkle the powder on your face, and gently try to press the powder to let it set in the skin. This step helps you make sure your makeup does not move.

Use waterproof eyeliner & Mascara

For a long-lasting look, always choose waterproof eyeliner. If your eyes frequently get wet, apply a bit of powder underneath to keep the mess from forming. Also, if you can control the water in your eyes, it is better not to apply eyeliner. However, if you just can’t do without eyeliner, you should use a waterproof liner to avoid any smudges.

Layering blush trick

Blush has become a renowned trend and layering is the key to making your cheeks stand out and ensuring long wear. Many renowned celebrity artists also believe that applying long-wearing cream products with the same color powders is the best way for durability.

Complete the Look With Setting Spray

Make-up setting sprays are the most essential products in cosmetics for various reasons. Using setting spray helps to glow your face with just a spritz or two locks into your face. So, pick the one with a very fine mist that will help with even application. Note: Before touching your face after applying the setting spray, make sure it’s completely dry.


Now after reading this Girls N Beauty blog post, we hope that you now know how to keep your makeup last long. Also, NikkieTutorials, Bettany Mota, Rachels Levin, Eva Gutawski, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, etc are the most renowned beauty Youtubers today, so watch their Youtube videos and get inspired for your next style appearance. For other beauty-related blog posts, please look at the other blog posts by Girls N Beauty.

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