How To Layer Sunscreen And Makeup Your Skin -

How to layer sunscreen and makeup your skin

Wearing sunscreen and makeup is a skincare law. We all know about this. However, we try learning the SPF in our creams and foundations to cover up and skip wearing what we say as “the guffy stuff”. The main problem with that is you have to apply more makeup for gaining the benefits.

It is said that it can be oily as well as can feel heavy too. But we get so many lightweight and matte sunscreen and makeup available in the market that dries up quickly. According to the professionals, some ways can help in getting smooth out the sunscreen process.


How to Layer Your Beauty Products

How To Layer Sunscreen And Makeup Your Skin Sun

Before we get into the details, this is the order of beauty products separated by category:

  • Skincare
  • Physical sunscreen
  • Makeup

Each category will break down further into more steps. Cleansing will go under skincare. The foundation will go under makeup, and so on. Sunscreen is pretty simple, though it’s a step people forget all too often.

Everyone’s beauty routine is different, and your routine may vary from morning to night. You can take this guide as a rough outline and fill in the blanks when you need to.

The Recommended Skincare Order

Your AM skincare and PM skincare routines may be different for applying sunscreen and makeup. For example, It is best to use retinol products exclusively at night since retinol increases photosensitivity in sunlight.

The most commonly used skincare products for sunscreen and makeup include:

  • Facial cleansers
  • Toners
  • Physical exfoliators
  • Chemical exfoliators
  • Face masks
  • Serums
  • Eye creams
  • Moisturizers

BUT some new skincare products have come into the spotlight:

  • Ampoules
  • Essences
  • Sheet masks
  • Facial oils

You may notice a lot of these newer skincare products are heavily inspired by the famous skincare sunscreen and makeup routine providers. It is unnecessary to have an extensive skincare routine, though we recommend the following skincare order with the following non-toxic skincare products.

The proper way to layer the sunscreen and makeup:

How To Layer Sunscreen And Makeup Your Skin Screen

If its the physical sunscreen:

⦁ First of all, wash your face and apply the usual moisturizer

⦁ Immediately after applying the moisturizer, follow the sunscreen. Making sure that you use it within 3 to 5 minutes of washing your face.

⦁ Once they are observed totally, apply the makeup.

⦁ Bottom-up by setting everything with the mineral sunscreen powder.

If its a chemical sunscreen:

⦁ If it’s the chemical sunscreen, a start-up by applying the sunscreen within 3 to 5 minutes of washing or rinsing your face.

⦁ Immediately follow up with your moisturizer.

⦁ Once they are observed totally, apply the makeup.

⦁ Bottom-up by setting everything with the mineral sunscreen powder.

First of all, every girl needs to know that there are two types of sunscreen, i.e. physical and chemical. Both of them have different layering processes as well.

Chemical sunscreen has to be observed on your skin to show its effect. That’s why it will be best to apply sunscreen before applying your moisturizer. Because of that, it will not block the SPF from absorbing to the max level.

Physical sunscreen is always on the top of the skin, and it protects the outward. For applying the physical sunscreen, it will be better to use the moisturizer before the sunscreen. After you apply the sunscreen and makeup (either in physical or chemical sunscreen), set everything with the mineral sunscreen powder.


More ways to layer sunscreen and makeup your skin

SPF of 15 or above sunscreen is best.

SPF stands for anti-sun protection factor for skin. It measures the potency of sunscreens. For daily use, an SPF of 15-30 is sufficient. If you spend time outdoors in the bright sunshine, you can go to an SPF of 30-50. It would be best if you chose it according to your skin tone. You will still receive the radiation from the sun even if you aren’t in direct sunlight or getting a sunburn. For starting slathering up, don’t wait until you have a blistering sunburn or premature wrinkle.

There are several best sunscreens available in the market that boast SPFs of up to and even over 100. Choosing SPFs above 50 offers minimal benefits.

Apply evenly to your entire face

Don’t forget your ears and neck when applying sunscreen. Use about half of a teaspoon, and apply more if you don’t feel fully covered. This will be the most important thing you’ll use on your face, so don’t skimp. Even use a mirror to make sure you don’t miss any spots.

You can do experiments with several types of sunscreens from the drug store or even your local beauty supply store. Some may feel too heavy and thick on your skin. If you find them uncomfortable, you can also go with the lightweight lotions and serums on the market, perfect for makeup wearers.

Never forget applying sunscreen all over your body, especially to areas with direct sun exposure. Remember, all your skin needs sun protection.

Use sunscreen until it’s fully absorbed into your skin.

At starting, it may feel like many other products than you’re used to applying to your face, but keep patting. Instead of rubbing it, patting the sunscreen into your skin will avoid irritating your skin. It will also make sure that the sunscreen is applied evenly over your face. Keep the sunscreen for three to five minutes to soak in thoroughly before beginning your makeup routine.

You can layer the tinted SPF on top of a typical sunscreen if you want to use it. Use it as extra protection rather than your sole protection. This will provide you with long-lasting protection than using straight sunscreen.

Apply your makeup

If you are using powder foundation, go for a liquid or cream foundation. Liquid and a cream foundation will blend most naturally with the texture of the sunscreen & prevent you from getting the dreaded “cakey” appearance of skin. You can use a liquid bronzer and blush for a full sun kissed look without getting sun damage.

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