Best makeup kit that fits according to your skin tones

There are many things which are very difficult to do. But for the girls, almost nothing is quite as difficult as finding out the perfect makeup kit according to their skin tone. We may think this is a little dramatic, but you are the one who has trouble finding out the fitting makeup kit for your skin tone; you are the luckiest one.

Finding the right blush among the aisle filled with coral, pink, and rosy red palettes is another difficult task. And not only that, not only these made life complicated.

Try finding out an eye-shadow shade or tube of lipstick. You will get into huge trouble with these all. It will be frustrating, time-consuming, and very confusing and make you think twice before using any makeup kit.

Okay, let’s not call it dramatic, but believe me, it is seriously a huge problem. Almost every girl all around the world has the same kinds of issues.

But chill out! We are here for taking your frustration on our shoulders. We have made a list of skin tones and the best makeup kit which fits on it.

So without making a delay, let’s move on!

Determine your skin tone

Skin tone isn’t all that matters when finding a makeup kit that matches your skin. Skin tone is also essential, but your undertone, the colour that comes through your skin and affects its overall hue, also plays a role in which products will work with your colouring. Here are the proper ways to determine your undertone.

Look at the inside of your arm.

Flip your wrist and take a look at your veins. If the veins appear blue or purple, you’re cool-toned, and if it seems green veins, then it’s warm-toned skin. If you’re still confused, you might be neutral.

Hold a piece of white paper to your face.

Placing something stark white, like a piece of paper, on your face can help you find your undertone. If your face suddenly seems pink or blue, it’s a sign you’re cool. If your face turns yellow, you’re warm. If your skin turns grey, you’re neutral.

Consider what colour of jewellery looks best on you.

Do you love gold or silver jewellery? Almost everyone has one metal they love! If gold looks best on your skin, you’re warm. If you look good in silver indicates cool undertones. If both look good on you, then you may have a neutral undertone.

Makeup kit that fits according to your skin tones

Fair Skin Tones

Finding the right shade of anything will be like searching for a needle in the grass if your alabaster skin tone is flawless and fair as that like the snow-white. Even the softest colour of makeup looks too much if you have white skin, which will not be a good look.

That’s why, for those types of skin, you can use soft pink, peach, and coral shades. It will help enhance your natural beauty without making it cover or making it how it does not look.

Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin means the type of skin which is neither relatively light nor quite olive. So, you have a medium skin tone. Medium skin tones consist of enough warmth to give off a natural glow, so think of yourself as a lucky one.

Golden-brown, honey shades, and bronze work effectively for enhancing your complexion through the use of bronzers or highlighters. And the lavender and rich blue shadows help in making your bright eyes pop.

Olive Skin Tones

No matter the dominant skin tone, what makes the foundation work is how much it is adequate to your undertones.

Mainly, olive skin consists of warm or neutral undertones with a slight green cast. Your undertones will be cooler according to the lightness of your skin. Dark olive shades consist of a deeper and more golden undertone.

You will turn into a beautiful shade of gold while having fun in the sun, and you will also look radiant and healthy.

Don’t you believe it? Before going out in the sun:

  • Use rosy pink or warm.
  • Peach blush and just a hint of shimmer on your cheekbones.
  • Watch the effect.

Dark Skin Tones

Dark skin tones consist of a rich skin tone, and they can pull off just about any of the bright colours. You can use any of the cosmetics, i.e. from jewel-toned purple shadow to glossy pink lippies.

All the pigmented cosmetics will be your BFF. You can use bright orange blush, cranberry-coloured, and even a subtle, shimmery bronze for enhancing your dark skin tone.

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