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6 ways to nail art

Six simple ways to increase your salon’s nail art business has been revealed by Brad Bergman, the strategy and operations manager for a manager for Bio Sculpture Australia.

Choose a product with a point of difference: The nail has become very economical in few years so it is very important that your products and services should not be same as being offered by the nail salons near you. One of the ways of standing out from the crowd is that you should have to choose products which are with recognized health benefits like free from the powders which can be inhaled easily, odorless, non-toxic, and so on. It helps to attract the growing numbers of consumers who are health conscious. It also helps to keep you, clients and your staff safe and healthy. You should provide high-quality service and high-quality products to the clients. this will be the main difference between you and your opponents.

Offer fast and easy nail art

Nail art is very important for attracting the clients towards you. It helps in attracting a lot of clients and helps in getting a lot of shares and likes on facebook as well as on Instagram. You should always remember that only very few women can make their own nail art. Many of them will need a salon that will provide a service to them. Many of the nail technicians consume more time for making a nail art because of lack of confidence. And many of the nail technicians avoid nail art. So you should always use a nail art which you are confident of making fast. Providing a fast and good service to the clients will make a positive impact in your salon.


The income generated through easy retail sales are the backbone of any salon business. Understanding your nail customer’s needs is the best way to increase your retail sales. You can tell them about the after-care options available. They will surely buy the products which they need for maximizing their in-salon manicure immediate result after their treatment. Cuticle oils and creams, gel remover sachets, nail treatment are the aftercare options. This helps to stimulate keratin production. Make sure that you have all those items. After all healthy cuticles and healthy nails makes customers happy.

Increase profits with value-added service

You can not make an expectation of gaining more profit because dramatic increase in nail salons around Australia in the last years, high-quality color manicure and pedicure services can be very priced aggressive. Until you are a totally high-traffic salon, it is essential to offer high-quality services such as nail sculptures, spa treatment and customized nail art to your client. By this, you can change the premium price and grow your business.

Get digital

Even words said by mouth is the best way to get new clients in your salon, digital way helps you to make unique and passive way to get new customers. For being visible in Google map set up Google business account.  Make sure that your website shows the standard quality of your salon because if it looks cheap then clients will not pay more for your services. Click the photos after you have completed your work. Taking pictures of the nail of the clients are the best way of advertising. Make sure that do a high-quality work and take a high quality of pictures. Post images on social media so that other people will see it and they will also like to visit your salon.

Knowledge is power

It is easy to get self-satisfied when all things are going right in your business. You should take up to date training and information about your business. By getting up to date training you can provide a high-quality service to your clients. If you will provide latest trends and techniques to your clients then they will be more confident. They will charge more for your service.

Above provided are some of the tips which you can follow to make your salon’s nail business more effective and to grow your business.

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