3 Healthy foods, Pasta Hacks Every Carb Lover Should Know


Foods containing high carbohydrates (Carb) are useful for us in a different way. High Carbohydrate foods include bread, fruits and vegetables, as well as milk products. Carbohydrates stores more water in our body. They are the sugars, starches and fibers found in fruits, grains, vegetables and milk products. Though often carbohydrates are not preferred for a healthy diet but also it is one of the basic food groups which are important to a healthy life. So, foods having Carbs are even very much essential for us and our body to remain healthy.

Pasta is a dry ingredient normally made from flour, semolina, eggs, water, and salt. In some cases, it is also added with dried vegetables to give it a particular color or taste or texture which turns them into somehow Special Pasta.  Pasta is mainly used as the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. It is also a food of ancient origin, which some scholars believe to come from the Chinese civilization. And later was introduced in Italy by Marco Polo on his return to Venice.

Pasta has become the basic need of all today’s people. It is easy to prepare for less time and tasty while eating. It can preserve for a longer period of time. Pasta is of two types i.e. Dry and Fresh Pasta. In today’s time, it is the easiest and convenient food system which can be used for either breakfast, launch or can be served to the guest at the arrival.

Most of us love to eat pasta. We cook it in a different way depending on our taste and choice. But do you know that eating pasta using some of the methods can make your health good and better? So, pasta is now not only the thing to eat but also a good ingredient for Carb lover too. Here are some healthy pasta hacks that almost every Carb lover should know and they are:

Add Beans: Yes, Beans not only give a flavor which making pasta but also protein, fiber and silky-smooth texture to a classic primavera. It is that beans not only increase the taste of the pasta you are having but also provides different nutrition. Pasta and beans are like Dolce and Gabbana. It gives a different type of texture to the flavor that will just blow off your mind. Just add some white bean, olive oil, and lemon juice and zest to your ingredient. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes and salt to taste and look what you get. So, just try it and see the result yourself.

Toss in Some Seafood: Similarly, to that of beans seafood also add some important nutrient and taste it good. When you add some of the seafood to your pasta you have made then you will know how beautiful it smells and tasty is it. Adding Seafood not only gives a taste, it is also good for every carbs lover. Yes, it provides sufficient amount of carbs in pasta which will be useful for the people. Seafood adds some lean protein and essential omega-3s which will be healthy for you.

Lighten up your white Sauces: Sauces makes your pasta good and delicious. Pasta is nothing without sauces. Put some of your favorite sauces in it while preparing it and see the taste and color. You can add it to flavor while serving to anyone. So, what we can say that sauces not only gives you taste but also gives us carb rich energy source.


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