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Summer dress challenging among the girls

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August 7, 2017

Summer is always being challenging among the girls. We mean about wearing dress and body suitability in case. You reveal more about yourself and your body than in any other season. You have fewer layering tricks at your disposal to either cover up certain parts or create a nice silhouette.  It’s also harder to create a ‘new’ look every day as you can’t really play too much with jackets, layers and scarves. Since I have been living in very hot weather year round for many years now, I have become very familiar with summer dressing, so here are some of my best tips &  tricks for dressing for this season.


If you are only wearing one layer, make it as interesting as possible. I often choose tops that have an interesting design detail. Take for example this red silk top. It’s very airy and very interesting at the back. All you need is a good basic bottom like some nice white trousers or skirt. It will make you will look, modern, polished yet remain cool.

Summer Dress
Summer Dress

When I go to the beach I prefer to cover up rather than expose all my upper skin to the sun. Summer dress will have its own styles. This is easy to do when you have a few very thin blouses or tunics. It doesn’t matter if they are see-through because you will be wearing it with either your bikini or singlet underneath. you can combine with either shorts or a long skirt if you like to cover up your legs as well.

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