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Most follow 8 rules for stylish women

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August 7, 2017

In today’s world, Style is everything. Every woman wants to be a stylish woman and look charming, either good or impress someone. Style can be said as manner, way, technique, form, and many more to make oneself or others look good. Type is attached to the cloth or outfit and the talking or sometimes with behaviour.

Women are always beautiful comparing with anything else. They become more attractive and charming with their styling pattern, or we can say following the correct styling pattern makes them more beautiful. There are different ways to look stylish woman and be cool in front of others. Some of the rules for Stylish women are listed below.

Most follow eight rules for the stylish woman.

Clothing as a form of communication

Clothing is said to be the most important outfit of anyone to look stylish and to impress anyone. If the outfit wear by any woman is good, then she automatically looks good. Clothing is considered to be a communication process with others. A good outfit automatically reveals the nature and self-expression of the personality.

It is believed that suitable clothing itself says what one wants to speak or say to people around you whether you intend it or not. So, simply clothing is a form of communication that can reveal our ideas, intention, and action to people around us.

Outfits are responses to social situations.

Similar to how our clothing communicates with others regarding our Self-expression, it also responds to the social situation. We wear different outfits on different occasions, i.e. while going for marketing, our companies are not more casual as we wear in the house. Similarly, while going for coffee or the office or somewhere in the party, our outfit differs. This also means that outfit responds to showing up at a social event or location and saying to others what I will do today.

The fit of the cloth

Only purchasing costly cloth doesn’t matter. The thing matters are that the outfit you are wearing is correctly fitted on you or not. According to the Stylish Stacy London Advises, The most significant mistake women make wearing cloth is that they don’t accept their body structure and ignoring that they try to wear the unfitted dress.


Confidence is also one of the main ways for making oneself more Stylish. No matter how costly the dress we have worn, how much fitted it is, and how stylish it is, it is of no use if we lack confidence. As an outfit is essential, so trust is also necessary.

A great pair of Jeans

It is believed that a great pair of jeans is worthy of investing in. If you have excellent and formal pairs of jeans, you can wear them on different occasions and parties. Either it is branded or cheap, but if it looks good, then it’s worthy of investing.

Knowing to play with the right trend at the right time

We must have handled the right trend at the right time, i.e. proper outfit in marriage or the office. Every time most important fashion rule is knowing what is the trend in the market and how to get fitted on it. If you can know about that then you will automatically be a stylist with the trend.

Dress code as per the personal Style

The dressing should be as per the audience’s choice and should be of owns personal preference.


All the above things matter only for the outlook, but a sound and stylish signature shows your Style and skill. It is considered as much your signature is sound, the more stylish woman you are.

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