Reason women speak up less in groups then one to one.


In this modern new world everything is based on research and study. If want to know about something than do study, if wanted to know about something than research on it properly. We all believe in proof and proof needs thorough study and research.

Newly, one new research have been made regarding women. Actually, most of things are researched and study about women only nowadays. So, the new research is on less speaking up of women in groups.  Yes, you heard correct. The latest research have proved that women if are in group or mass or in any office meeting room and anywhere in crowd speaks less than they do in single. It means to say that they do not speak as frankly and freely as they do if she is single or to someone close one.

It has been proved that women talk less than male counterparts whenever they are working in a group and mass. Researchers even found that women talk significantly less than their male counterparts. They are very silent and speak less than 75 percent of the time that men did. As per studies it is shown that when men and women are sharing togetherness in business meetings, the contribution of male member is high as per the comparison of female.Men contribute more to the conversation than that of Women. Some studies finding its percentage in ratio as 2:1 i.e. 2 to 1.  Many women in these studies have reported their own problem and having difficulty regarding breaking into group discussions or feeling lit bit awkward interfering in the discussion and a lack of confidence expressing their opinions in a group setting.

So, it can be said that due to lack of confidence in expressing their view, feeling of shyness and others problem makes them not to speak so much in front of mass or group. These reasons are not only the one to make them less speak, there can be more. And someone really don’t like to speak in mass. So, if feeling shy and lack of confidence in expressing are some of the reason which make them not speak in front of other than here are some of list which can followed by them to avoid these kind of problem which are:

  • Master the pre-meeting:

It simply means to connect with the people with whom you are going to be in the meeting. Be frank and try to be comfortable with them as per your choice. Before the meeting starts you must connect with the participants and other who are important to the meeting and gather information and take ideas with them regarding how to perform well in the meeting and be in the eye of everyone.

  • Prepare to speak:

Yes, meeting means to express your ideas and views. And for that one must have to speak fluently in the mass. So, prepare to speak and make it listen to someone close to you for your confident. If needed than come to the meeting with a few notes that you have made in the points you intend to make.

  • Stay objective in the face of objection:

No, matter if your idea in not appreciate by the people in the meeting. Be positive, stay calmed focused on the facts and ask questions to learn more about their point of view.


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