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How to take care of your hair during winter?

There might be plenty of things to fall in love with about winter, but not for your hair. If you live somewhere in a country with cold weather, you will know how dry air, cold weather, and harsh winds lead to breakage and hair fall. Let’s follow these essential hair tips and care guides this winter to protect our hair from this harsh cold weather.

Avoid exposure of your hair

You have to protect your hair and your body from the cold. Use a hat or a scarf to protect your scalp from direct exposure during cold weather. Be aware of the fabric you use because wool or fabrics other than silk can cause hair friction, leading to hair breakage. So, only use silk fabric under your cap or beanie to avoid breaking your hair.

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Take time to wash your hair

Frequently washing your hair is not an excellent idea during the winter. Shampoo removes the natural oils that do the job of protecting the scalp. Winter is the perfect season to spread out washing days and swiftly conceal lousy hair days under a cap or scarf. Always use a sulphate-free shampoo during the winter and a conditioner with no silicone. By doing this, you will avoid scalp irritation and strand dryness.

For colour-treated hair, leave-in conditioners are the best. When it’s winter, most of us try to take hot showers, but using hot water for shampooing dries your hair, and the colour fades easily. Therefore, investing in good leave-in conditioners will help for healthy hair growth and prevent brittleness.

Drink plenty of water

One of the most essential components of your hair strands is water. To recover from the loss of water content during this season, it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated. You must drink enough water, even in the winter, to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Drinking enough water will provide water to your hair from root to tips. All your hair problems during the winter, such as itchiness, dryness, dandruff, etc., are taken care of if you stay hydrated.

Avoid hot water during your bath

A hot water bath might seem therapeutic, but it negatively affects your hair. Showering in too much water will strip away the natural oils in your scalp and hair. It means you did all the hair masks for your healthy growth, but you’ll wash their hydration away a day or two later. Hot water will make your hair weak and brittle; eventually, you can notice hair loss daily.

So, try to shower at an average temperature that will not cause any damage.

Pamper your hair with hair treatments regularly

Constant hair exposure to cold, dry air means your hair struggles to get the proper moisture and hydration. To protect your hair, use a hair mask or treatment regularly, i.e., once a week, to give your strands the much-needed protection and moisture during winter.

Homemade hair masks help to deeply condition, repair damage and restore strength while you catch up on some beauty rest. Some of the best hair masks you can try are coconut oil masks, avocado hair masks, egg protein hair masks, yogurt and honey conditioning, banana hair masks, etc.

Trim split ends regularly

With the colder season getting colder daily, it’s time to start thinking about your hair. One of the most important things to remember regarding hair care is to trim your hair regularly. And, during the cold season, your hair is more prone to breakage due to the cold weather, making it more necessary to trim it.

Trimming your hair regularly, even in winter, will keep your hair in good condition and reduce the risk of split ends. So, save time and book your appointment for hair trims at your favourite salon.

Consuming Healthy Food = Healthy Hair

Your hair health begins from within; firstly, you need to make sure you are hydrated and have enough water daily. And then focus on what you eat and have a balanced diet to avoid any essential vitamin deficiencies that can affect your health. If you are looking for what to eat to keep your hair healthy, then here are the lists:

  • Salmon, Fatty Fish
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Cereals, Grains and Pasta
  • Spinach
  • Avocados
  • Cinnamon
  • Citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C, such as Orange, etc
  • Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, etc
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Stay away from heat-styling products

The winter season is harsh on your hair, which leads to dryness and breakage. So avoiding heat styling is the best option for looking for healthy hair. Always let your hair dry in the air.

Heat-free drying keeps your hair healthy, giving it a long life. If you use heat styling in the winter when your hair is already delicate, it increases the issue and takes away the moisture from your hair strands. So say bye to straightening or heat-styling products during the winter. Instead, you can use natural ways to curl your hair, like twists, braids, buns, etc.

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Invest in a good humidifier

Do you want to know the best option for fighting dry hair in the cold season? Well, the answer is a humidifier. Yes, you read it correctly. Because indoor heating causes the air in your home to dry, pulling the moisture away from your hair, a humidifier helps to rehydrate the air and keep the water locked. Overall, the humidifier helps balance the moisture and prevent dryness in your skin and hair.

Don’t go out with wet hair

Did you know wet hair is more at risk of damage than dry hair? It’s true because wet hair is weaker than dry hair. Walking outside with wet hair during the winter can result in hair breakage. So, let your hair air dry before you leave the house.


How frequently should you wash your hair?

In summer, if you have an oily scalp, you can wash your hair at 1-2-day intervals. If you need more time to wash your hair in 3–4-day intervals,. In winter, you have to reduce your hair wash to avoid washing away natural oils from your hair.

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