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2024 Hottest and Trendy Makeup Look

The world of makeup has become an essential part of our daily lives, transforming the way we express ourselves and boosting our confidence. And it’s the time of the year when we all look forward to the next 12 months regarding makeup trends. In the past 12 months of 2023, we have seen several trends come and go because of Gen Z’s influence. Also, we have seen people following the trends on TikTok that go viral overnight. For example, we saw strawberry makeup, latte makeup, etc., as the most trendy makeup in 2023. As the day passes, makeup tends to go viral faster than before, and I’m curious how many hottest trends we’re getting to know in 2024 from other than TikTok.


So, let’s get deep into the hottest and most trendy makeup looks that will surely capture our hearts in 2024, too.

Pop of Red

A pop of red lips is all we need to make a bold statement when in doubt. Over the past years, we’ve seen several versions of the red lips look. And, without a doubt, we all girlies love red lips for any event, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday party, or even when it’s just a day out. But over all the red shades, a bright red lip with a simple base makeup look has been very trendy for the past few years, and it’s not leaving even in 2024.

Whether it’s a day out or a night party, a bright lip look with a simple makeup touch is enough to stand out. You can try it out today. Just wear bright lipstick and a light blush with a very light eyeshadow, and see how many compliments you’ll get today. This is the perfect example of a look that looks like you made an effort, but that’s not the case in reality. Also, without heavy makeup, you will feel more comfortable and come off quickly. Some of the most popular brands for red lip shades are:

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Fluffy and Fuller Undone Brows

Eyebrows are one of the most defining features of our faces. And the way we style them shapes our look. Like they shape the look of our eyes and compliment our makeup and hair, when we stick to one eyebrow look for a while, that also becomes our identity. Also, over the past few years, we have seen various eyebrow trends coming along the way, like sixties, natural brown, laminated, and whatnot. But when discussing brows, we can’t leave out the most trendy 2023 eyebrow trend, i.e., fluffy eyebrows. These thicker and fluffy brows are not leaving us in 2024, regardless of what shape of face you have. Most of us like this trend because of its simplicity and ability to complement any face shape.

Are you wondering what makes it so unique? Well, it’s because they look fuller, natural and thicker. It’s simple to achieve this look by combining your natural eyebrows upwards with an eyelash brush using transparent eyebrow gel. There are various to fix your brows to the desired shape you want, or you can just watch the video I have attached below:


Clean Girl Aesthetic

The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic trend has been hyped for a while. We all love this trend because it makes us look effortlessly chic and elegant while remaining casual and not wearing heavy makeup. And, for sure, the trend is going nowhere, even in 2024. It is about enhancing your overall look with fresh, little makeup that gives you an elegant, girly vibe without overpowering it. Learn how to do your clean aesthetic girl makeup with Hailey Bieber.

Graphic Eyeliner

Yes, you heard me right. More graphic eyeliner designs will become a trend in 2024, too. Take your eyeliner game to the next level with graphic designs from geometric shapes to winged liners. It doesn’t seem easy, but almost everyone can pull it off at home. All you need is proper guidance and a little patience. Graphic liner is all about clean, sharp-edged, bold colour eyeliner. All you need is a good brush and a sharp marker liner to achieve the look. You can also learn watching the video I’m attached of Instagram below:

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Fake Freckles

Fake Freckles or freckles with makeup are not just a fun add-on but a trick of an eye if done correctly. These makeup freckles have been a trend for many months and will not stop even in 2024. With barely any makeup, just a little smattering of freckles adds a natural beauty. For more natural freckles, watch these videos and learn from experts.

This makeup trend shined brightly, won our hearts till 2023, and is not going anywhere even in 2024. For more trendy makeup tips and beauty care, follow us on our social media: Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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