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Why am I so tired, but can’t sleep?

Some days — irrespective of how an awful lot of coffee you consume — it’s a battle to preserve your eyes open and not feel tired, not to mention entire the obligations you want to do in the workplace or home.

Yet all too frequently, whilst you climb into the bed, you discover yourself extensive wide conscious.

It’s frustrating. What the heck goes on?

Before you attain the sleeping pills, find out all of the matters that would reason you to be tired all day but wide conscious at night. Once you perceive what is probably going on, you could move to assist higher sleep.

Your circadian rhythm is explained

The circadian rhythm is like an inner timekeeper for the entirety our bodies do in 24 hours, explains sleep expert W. Christopher Winter, MD, writer of “The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How To Fix It.”

This machine uses mild, darkish, and our organic clock to adjust frame temperature, metabolism, hormones (including melatonin), and sleep.

The frame’s grasp clock is the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). Located withinside the mind, the SCN controls melatonin manufacturing. Likewise, this hormone enables adjusted sleep.

During the day, while it’s mild outside, melatonin stages continue to below. Later within the day, because it starts to develop darker, our bodies produce extra melatonin, with stages peaking two and four a.m. earlier than falling again.

Our bodies are pleasant to doze off approximately 2 hours after melatonin stages begin to rise.

“I don’t care what a person’s agenda is, as lengthy because it feels proper for them and is healthy,” Winter says.

However, if you’re tired however can’t sleep, your circadian rhythm can be off.

This can be a signal of behind schedule sleep section syndrome. This takes place whilst you doze off two or extra hours later than “normal” (10 p.m. to twelve a.m.), making it hard to awaken withinside the morning for college or work.

It frequently impacts younger people extra — among seven and sixteen percentage — however, it additionally takes place in approximately ten per cent of people with persistent insomnia.

Is there a difference between being tired, sleepy, and fatigued?

Many people use the words “tired,” “sleepy,” and “fatigued” interchangeably; however, there’s a diffused distinction, says Winter.

At the give up of a marathon, you experience fatigued — you probably don’t have the strength or motivation to run some other marathon and possibly now no longer even stroll the space in your car. But you’re now no longer sleepy — you wouldn’t fall asleep laying at the grass past the end line. Instead, being sleepy is while you could slightly preserve your self-consciousness, Winter says.

Why am I tired in the day?

However, if you’re tired, can’t sleep as soon as the solar sets, it can be a signal of behind schedule sleep section disease. If now no longer that, it can be something else or a mixture of matters.

Below are a few motives why you may continuously be tired, especially at some point in the day.


Naps aren’t inherently horrific. Snoozing has numerous fitness benefits. However, the incorrect nap method can keep you up whilst you need to get deeper Zzz’s.

Research indicates that lengthy naps and snoozing later withinside the afternoon can reason you to take longer to doze off at night time, sleep poorly, and awaken extra at some point of the night time.

Winter recommends retaining naps 20–half-hour lengthy and sleeping on the equal time each day so your frame can assume it.


A racing thought isn’t conducive to peacefully nodding off.

No marvel sleep disturbance is a diagnostic symptom for a few tension disorders, which older studies say 24 to 36 per cent of people with insomnia additionally have.

Anxiety also results in extended arousal and alertness that may further postpone sleep.


According to a review posted in 2019, as much as ninety per cent of people identified with melancholy additionally bitch approximately their sleep quality.

The dating among sleep troubles and melancholy is difficult. It seems to disrupt circadian rhythms.

Inflammation, adjustments in mind chemicals, genetic factors, and extra may also all affect the sleep-melancholy dating.


Maybe it’s time to rethink that afternoon latte or strong drink.

On average, caffeine has a half-lifestyle of five hours. It can be no surprise, then, that studies indicate that even two hundred milligrams (mg) of caffeine — approximately sixteen oz. of brewed espresso — sixteen hours earlier than a bed may also affect your sleep.

2013 take a look at pronounced that downing four hundred mg of caffeine 6 hours or much less earlier than bed had enormous consequences on sleep disturbance. Winter recommends reducing off caffeine intake four–6 hours earlier than bedtime.

Screen time

Put down the smartphone! The blue mild emitted from phones, tablets, laptops, and TV displays suppresses night melatonin manufacturing and reduces sleepiness.

Winter recommends ceasing the usage of any gadgets 2 hours earlier than the bed. You may additionally don’t forget sporting blue-mild blockading glasses at night time.

Other sleep disorders

Delayed sleep section syndrome isn’t the handiest disease that may make you sleepy; however, now no longer tired at night.

Sleep apnea and stressed legs syndrome can do the equal. In sleep apnea, respiration repeatedly stops or may be very shallow, then evolves again. With stressed legs syndrome, your legs experience discomfort, triggering you to transport them.

Both situations can disrupt midnight sleep, which then reasons daylight sleepiness.


The connection between the weight loss program and sleep is a chunk unclear.

In a 2019 study, researchers checked out immoderate daylight sleepiness and weight loss program. They located that changing five percentage of one’s daily caloric consumption from protein with the exact quantities of saturated fat or carbs extended the hazard of daylight sleepiness.

On the alternative hand, changing saturated fat with unsaturated fat, protein, or carbs decreased the hazard of immoderate daylight sleepiness.

They conclude that nutritional adjustments may also assist people with sleep disorders.

A 2016 overview located that excessive-fats diets have been related to much less REM sleep, extra deep sleep, and extended arousal from sleep. High-carb intakes have a link with extra REM sleep, much less deep sleep, and falling asleep faster.

However, the take a look at’s authors say additional studies are essential to decide if anyone ingesting a sample promotes or impairs midnight sleep and daylight strength.

Is it bad to be tired?

Naturally, being tired at some point of the day can sap productivity — and likely make you irritable.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that now no longer getting quality, restful sleep on an ordinary foundation places you at the extended hazard of:

  • excessive blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • stroke
  • coronary heart attack
  • obesity


If you’re tired but can’t sleep, it could signal that your circadian rhythm is off.

However, being tired all day and wide conscious at night can also result from bad snoozing habits, tension, melancholy, caffeine intake, blue mild from gadgets, sleep disorders, or even weight loss programs.

If you say, “I’m so tired, however, can’t sleep!” and regular sleep treatments don’t assist, communicate with your physician. They can assist decide the underlying trouble and advocate answers to help you get restful sleep so that you have daylight strength.

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