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Liposuction recovery – everything you should know

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November 28, 2021

Liposuction is the second one maximum famous beauty surgical procedure treatment, consistent with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

It’s a first-rate process that eliminates undesirable fats in some areas of your frame. Likewise, your health practitioner plays this surgical procedure with the aid of sculpting and contouring the regions of your structure to cast off fats cells ultimately.

The regions of your frame that acquire this surgical procedure typically encompass your:

  • abdomen
  • hips
  • buttocks
  • thighs

It’s essential to notice that there are limits to the number of fats that may be removed appropriately (approximately five litres), specifically for an outpatient surgical procedure.

Likewise, if you’re thinking about liposuction, here’s what you want to recognize approximately the healing system, which include how lengthy it’s going to take, and pointers that can assist you in healing faster.

What to expect

According to board licensed plastic general practitioner Dr Rady Rahban, healing may be damaged up into categories: instantaneously and lengthy-time period.

“Immediate healing, which means whilst you may move again to paintings, relies upon at the regions which might be liposuctioned and the approach used,” he explains.

This can take everywhere from five to 7 days earlier than you may go back to paintings and four to six weeks earlier than you may get again to bodily sports, together with exercising.

A lengthy-time period of healing commonly lasts three months. This lets in swelling to lower.

Surgery healing stages

Immediately following a surgical procedure

Your health practitioner will use a compression garment to place strain at the regions that had liposuction. “When we carry out the surgical procedure, we use an answer that has an anaesthetic in it, so first of all, it isn’t that uncomfortable,” says Rahban.

A few hours post-surgical procedure

Once the anaesthetic wears off inside more than one hour, slight soreness typically begins. The degree of discomfort relies upon the region in which you obtained liposuction. It is usually recommended which you live for a single day in the sanatorium so that your health practitioner can look at any fluid modifications and dehydration.

At three to five days post-surgical procedure

You’ll move again on your health practitioner to cast off the clothes, and they’ll test at the cannula incisions.

The first week and beyond

“After the primary week, we ask sufferers to do a mild rub down to transport round accrued fluid, smoothing over the region,” says Rahban. “And then, over the following numerous weeks, possible count on swelling to incrementally lower over time.”

Keep in mind that the healing system varies for all of us and the liposuction that becomes done.


These pointers allow you to experience greater comfy in the course of healing. They may additionally assist you in healing faster.

Use compression

First, you’ll need to put on a compression garment to sell consolation and healing.

“Use of compression clothes withinside the first seventy-two hours after liposuction is important in accelerating the drainage of huge volumes of anaesthetic fluid, dashing up the healing system, and decreasing ache, swelling, and bruising,” explains Dr Daniel P. Friedmann, MD, FAAD, board-licensed dermatologist and beauty general practitioner at Westlake Dermatology.

“Surgeons range withinside the length they endorse for compression clothes; however, it’s commonly worn for four to six weeks to save you bruising and assist the pores and skin adhere to its new contour,” provides Dr. Howard Sobel, founding father of Sobel Skin and attending dermatologist and general dermatological practitioner at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York.

Other tips

  • A few hours after the surgical procedure, you’ll experience soreness. This is a great time to get your blood flowing with the aid of getting up and strolling around. This sort of mild exercise ought to be repeated as you recover.
  • Likewise, after taking off your bandages, Rahban indicates icing the regions of liposuction to ease any soreness.
  • Take anti-inflammatory medicinal drugs for ache relief.
  • Lymphatic rub down can assist in lower swelling. Try this one week after liposuction.

What not to do

You don’t need to push yourself too harsh whilst recuperating from liposuction.

Rest is essential, specifically withinside the first three days of healing, whilst the incision(s) web website online is left open to empty anaesthetic fluid.

During this time, Friedmann says that immersion bathing of any type should be prevented until incisions have closed altogether, taking about 7 to ten days.

Working out or doing strenuous sports isn’t encouraged in the course of healing, consistent with Sobel. You ought to, however, stroll round to get your blood flowing.

In addition to mild exercising, together with strolling, you may resume those sports 24 hours after surgical procedure:

  • driving
  • family sports, together with cleaning
  • table paintings
  • showering

Even in case, you don’t experience loads of soreness, Rahban cautions which you don’t resume everyday sports too quickly.

“Liposuction is a surgical procedure like every other surgical procedure, and therefore, you want to be cautious to now no longer be overly energetic too quickly because it will reason greater swelling and greater soreness.”


As with any beauty process, headaches can occur.

While oral antibiotics and right-wound care assist save you infection, those extra headaches, even though a few rare, ought to happen:

  • bruising
  • redness or discolouration
  • pores and skin irregularities rippling and contour deformity
  • sharp ache, which includes your nerves
  • scarring
  • pores and skin necrosis (the loss of life of your pores and skin cells)
  • reactions to anaesthesia and different medicinal drugs

If you revel in any of those symptoms, talk together along with your health practitioner immediately. You must pick a skilled general practitioner to carry out your liposuction, which may also save you those symptoms.

Furthermore, Sobel recommends deciding on a board licensed plastic general practitioner who focuses on beauty procedures.


Liposuction is a plastic surgical procedure process that eliminates undesirable fats from a person’s frame. But as a principal surgical procedure, some steps and precautions need to be taken to ensure easy healing. This consists of:

  • warding off strenuous hobbies for the primary few weeks
  • the usage of a compression bandage
  • doing mild exercising, like walking

You should also keep in touch with your health practitioner (ideally a board-licensed one) to cope with any issues and keep away from headaches. They can assist management with your unique wishes earlier than and after treatment.

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