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Hip dips surgery: procedure, side effects, costs

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November 28, 2021

Hip dips surgical treatment is a beauty system that injects or gets rid of fats from the hip and thigh place.

This surgical treatment goal is to eliminate indentations at the aspect of your hips and go away a clean, curved line out of your hips on your thigh.

This article will explain the stairs of a hip dips surgical treatment, its dangers and viable headaches, and the entirety else you want to recognize if you’re curious approximately this system.

What are hip dips?

Infamous representations of our bodies, mainly lady our bodies, we’re used to seeing a streamlined, half-circle silhouette that curves out on the hip and curves lower back on the thigh.

While this is probably a photograph that we take with no consideration as a “normal” or ideal manner to look, many humans, our bodies don’t seem like that.

“Hip dips” or “violin hips” talk to indentations across the curvature out of your hips on your thighs. These indentations can occur whilst the pores and skin on the perimeters of your hips are more excellent tightly connected to the trochanter, a deeper part of your thigh bone.

The distribution and quantity of fats for your frame could make those indentations seem more significant noticeable.

There’s not anything anatomically incorrect with having hip dips. They don’t gift any scientific danger. But for a few humans, having hips dips makes them experience self-consciousness.

What is hip dips surgical treatment?

Hip dips surgical treatment is a fats redistribution surgical treatment (additionally referred to as lipo sculpting). In that method, fat is suctioned from one place of your frame, after which injected into the trochanter place.

This fat graft aims to clean out the curvature of the hips.

As an opportunity, fats can be eliminated from the dip place to create a contoured silhouette. Artificial fillers or strong silicone implants can also be used as an opportunity to fats grafts.

What’s the system like?

Getting a hip dips surgical treatment is usually an outpatient system. Depending on your medical doctor’s recommendation, you’ll maximum possibly be positioned below well-known anaesthesia.

Surgical steps

  • First, fats are eliminated out of your frame by the use of a liposuction system. Fat can be eliminated out of your buttocks, stomach, or internal thighs. Small incisions can be made to put off the fats, and they’ll be stitched closed and bandaged.
  • The fats are then organized for reinjection into your frame. A gadget will spin the facts, so that blood and different fluids are eliminated from it.
  • The fats will then be injected into your hip place. Usually, stitches aren’t wished on the injection web page.

Aftercare and healing

  • Even if you’re now no longer required to live in a single day in the medical institution, you’ll want a person to pressure you domestic after a fats grafting system.
  • There can be a few aches on the injection and incision web websites for multiple weeks after the fats transfer. Bruising and ache can ultimate for two weeks or more significant.
  • You may not observe the result of your hip dips surgical treatment proper away. It can absorb to six months for the fat graft to absolutely take effect.

Who’s an excellent candidate?

Nonsmokers who’re inside 30 percentage in their perfect frame weight, with relatively responsive pores and skin elasticity and no earlier records of bleeding situations, can be excellent applicants for liposuction processes like hip dip surgical treatment.

If you’ve skilled a current dramatic weight loss (25 kilos or greater), have an auto-immune or bleeding condition, or take blood-thinning medication, your medical doctor might also additionally endorse you in opposition to hip dips surgical treatment.

People who’ve been recognized with a consuming disease or different situations that motive frame dysmorphia must be extraordinarily careful whilst thinking about a hip dips surgical treatment.

It’s critical to apprehend that the result of this surgical treatment may be a chunk unpredictable. Likewise, there’s no way to assure the consequences you’re hoping for.

It’s also really well worth noting that 30 to 70 per cent of the fats injected into your hip place for the duration of a hip dips system can be absorbed through your frame. It can be within the 12 months following surgical treatment. For this reason, you can need to keep in mind extra fat grafting processes.

Is it safe?

Fat grafting and liposuction are considered low-danger and easy processes tremendously. However, like every surgical treatment, there’s continually a few danger of headaches — a number of them serious.

Expected aspect consequences after hip dip surgical treatment include:

  • bruising and ache on the web web page of the incisions or injections
  • fats migration or dimpling on the web web page of the injection
  • swelling and bleeding withinside the place in which fats turned into eliminated or injected
  • scarring

Minimizing danger

To decrease your danger of headaches from hip dips surgical treatment, cautiously observe any commands out of your healthcare company. Here are a few extra tips:

  • Keep the place in which any incisions have been made easy and dry.
  • Don’t soak in water, pools, or warm tubs till you’re cleared to achieve this through your medical doctor.
  • Don’t rush to go back to rigorous bodily interest until your medical doctor gives you the go-ahead.
  • Find a licensed, skilled healthcare company to try this system (this may substantially lower your possibilities of growing contamination or different headaches from the surgical treatment).

How a whole lot does it fee?

Hip dips surgical treatment is taken into consideration as a beauty system. That method’s now no longer blanketed through insurance.

You’ll want to cowl the complete fee of the system, inclusive of any anaesthesia or medical institution charges, out of pocket. You may also need to account for the time you want to take off from paintings to get better as you tally the fee of this system.

Hip dips surgical treatment fees range depending on the cost of residing at your place in addition to the enjoy stage of your company. According to humans who’ve had hip augmentation and pronounced their prices on the internet site RealSelf, fees vary from $8,000 to $11,000.

How to find a board-licensed medical professional

If you’re thinking about hip dips surgical treatment, it’s critical to find a board-licensed and certified healthcare company.

Hips dip surgical treatment is straightforward and coffee dangerous; however, best if the individual doing it has the know-how and knowledge to do it safely.

Likewise, you can begin your seek through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons seek device to discover a beautiful medical professional to your place. Next, you could schedule a session with a capability fitness company.

Bring a listing of questions on prices, healing time, and what to anticipate out of your consequences. Ask how much the company enjoys hip dips surgical treatment, and ask to peer earlier than and after photos.

Make positive to reveal any earlier beauty processes and fitness situations and medicinal drugs or dietary supplements you take.

Likewise, an excellent beauty medical professional will sincerely speak about what to anticipate from hip dips surgical treatment. It could factor out that there’s no manner to assure a great hourglass silhouette, even after this system.

Hip dips sporting activities.

You can be capable of alternating the curvature of your hips using an exercise that objectives the place round your hip dips. Following a workout plan to decrease the arrival of your hip dips is a more secure and much less steeply-priced opportunity for surgical treatment.

Hip and thigh sporting activities like aspect hip openers, lunges, squats, and aspect squats can tone and extend the muscle mass related to your thighs.

Eating a weight loss plan wealthy in leafy greens, lean proteins, and healthful fat also can assist your thighs and hips in tackling a curvier shape.


There’s not anything anatomically incorrect with having hip dips. As a count number of preferences, a few humans opt to have a perfectly contoured silhouette.

Diet and workouts can assist decrease the arrival of hip dips, and so can hip dips surgical treatment.

Suppose you’re going to get this system. In that case, the maximum critical component you could do is discover a trained, licensed, and skilled company that can provide you with a practical expectation to your consequences in addition to sincere solutions approximately the prices and dangers involved.

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