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How to treat liposuction scars

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November 26, 2021

Liposuction is a famous surgical treatment that eliminates fat deposits out of your body. Almost 250,000 liposuction techniques take area every 12 months withinside the United States. There are distinctive forms of liposuction. However, each kind includes making small incisions to your frame to disrupt fats cells and using a suction-enabled tool known as a cannula to do away with the fats.

Anything that cuts thru all of the layers of your pores and skin is probable to bring about a wound so one can be seen a few times. Liposuction incisions aren’t any exception.

While typically much less than an inch long, those incisions transition to a scab, which could then depart a seen scar. This article will explain:

  • why this scarring happens
  • methods to deal with those forms of scar
  • options to liposuction that don’t require an incision

Can liposuction cause scars?

Significant scarring after liposuction is uncommon. A skilled plastic general practitioner knows what to do and keep away from all through liposuction to reduce scarring afterwards.

Ideally, your general practitioner will make your incisions as small as feasible and area them wherein they’re least noticeable. When scarring does occur, it may result from terrible incision placement all through the liposuction process.

Hyperpigmentation, any other aspect impact of liposuction, also can cause the incision to appear extra outstanding to your pores and skin after it heals.

Some people have a genetic predisposition to growing keloid scars on their frame. If you’ve got records of keloid scars, you can want to preserve this in thoughts if you’re thinking about liposuction.

After liposuction, the general practitioner might also educate you to put on compression clothes over the location where they eliminated the fats deposits. Wearing those clothes successfully and in line with your provider’s commands can lower your hazard of getting scars from the process.

Scar removal treatments

None of those strategies can do away with a scar completely. However, they can lessen the advent of scarring and enhance different consequences, like your pores and skin’s variety of movement withinside the location wherein the scar formed.

Silicone gel sheets and silicone gel

Silicone gel and gel sheets have grown to be a famous at-domestic remedy to try and reduce the advent of scars. Medical literature confirms that those strategies can lessen the source of scarring whilst you practice them in line with the commands and use them regularly.

Furthermore, researchers theorize that silicone gel hydrates your pores and skin and stops your frame from overcompensating with more collagen cells throughout the recovery manner; that’s what creates raised and seen scars.

Experts recommend this kind of scar revision as a first-line remedy earlier than transferring directly to different strategies.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion

A dermatologist can use chemical peel or microdermabrasion strategies to remove layers of scar tissue out of your pores and skin. Likewise, you can acquire those remedies at your dermatologist’s office, and that they don’t require extra recuperation time.

The maximum not unusual place aspect impact is redness. Everyone’s pores and skin will reply otherwise to this kind of remedy, and you can want repeat remedies to look like the scarring begins to fade.


Doctors can deal with hypertrophic and keloid scars with cryotherapy. This process pierces the scar tissue and freezes it with a nitrogen fuel line from the inner out. The scar then “releases” from the wholesome pores and skin tissue surrounding it. Cryotherapy is extraordinarily easy, brief for medical doctors to carry out outpatient, and doesn’t motive several aches or discomfort.

With cryotherapy, scars will swell, launch discharge, after which fade. The scientific literature lacks credible research evaluating this kind of scar remedy with different types. However, this approach may be compelling in decreasing the advent of scars.

Laser remedy

Laser remedy is any other outpatient process that could wreck aside keloid and hypertrophic scars due to liposuction. In this process, a laser heats the scar tissue even as stimulating wholesome molecular boom across the location.

Laser remedy is an easy process, and recovery doesn’t take long. But repeated remedies are frequently necessary, and it may take months to word the effects.

Scar elimination surgical operation

Scar elimination surgical operation is an alternative for severe, distinctly seen scarring that makes you sense self-conscious. Likewise, this remedy is the maximum invasive kind of scar elimination and includes the hazard of making extra scars.

Scars that shape all through the recovery manner after standard liposuction is not likely to require surgical treatment to be accurate.

Alternatives to liposuction

There are a few much less invasive options to liposuction that promise comparable effects with a decreased hazard of scarring. People typically talk over those techniques as “noninvasive frame contouring.”

Likewise, keep in thoughts that even as those techniques can be powerful, they don’t commonly have the equal dramatic consequences as liposuction.

Alternatives to liposuction include:

  • mild wave remedy (laser liposuction)
  • ultrasound remedy (ultrasonic liposuction)
  • cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting)


If you’ve got seen scarring after a liposuction process, communicate together along with your healthcare provider. They might also have a few perceptions into why the scars aren’t fading, and they could offer scar elimination services.

If you’re interested in getting liposuction, however, are worried approximately scarring, you ought to schedule a session with a general beauty practitioner. Moreover, after sharing your circle of relatives records and addressing any scarring that you’ve had withinside the past, an expert ought to be capable of providing you with a sensible concept of ways probable you’re to increase scars from this process.

This device affords a listing of licensed, board-licensed beauty surgeons to your location if you’d like to speak about your options.

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