Breast Augmentation – Types, Incisions and Scars

Breast surgical treatment includes using breast implants, or fats switch to decorate the quantity and length of your boobs. The motives for buying breast augmentation surgical treatment are endless. You might have small breasts or a thin frame, or you’ve misplaced your breasts due to an infection or unexpected weight loss. Breast expansion technique targets at accompanying:

  • Increase the dimensions
  • Enhances your determine
  • Improves your self-worth

Incisions and scars breast augmentation

All the approaches require small incisions, which can also additionally result in scar breast augmentation. There are four fundamental areas of incisions:

  • The incision in breast folds
  • Incisions in areola
  • Incision withinside the armpit
  • Incision at stomach button

The method selected in your surgical treatment performs an essential function withinside the depth of scar breast augmentation. Moreover, exact health care professional will make sure that the scars are superbly hidden and are undetectable. The method is selected depending on one of the following things:

  • Current anatomy of your breasts
  • Your non-public desires concerning surgical treatment.
  • Use of saline or silicone.

Types of breast augmentation

Type of Breast enhancement technique determines wherein you may collect scars after the surgical treatment and the way quick your scars will fade away:
Trans Axillary Breast Augmentation

For Trans Axillary Breast surgical treatment, an incision in the armpit is made so that you can create a pocket beneath neath the chest muscle. Likewise, this method is first-class to cover the scars as scar formation is within the boob area and now no longer at the boob itself. Further approaches are carried out to limit the scars.


Following are the blessings of trans Axillary Augmentation:

  • No seen scar formation.
  • Scar blends into the crease of the armpit.
  • No muscle groups are cut; the incision is made at the tissue aircraft to create breast pockets.
  • Both silicone and silica may be used withinside the manner.
  • It does now no longer restrict the manner of breastfeeding withinside the future.
  • You won’t enjoy any numbness.


Following are the hazards of trans Axillary Breast enhancement surgical treatment:

  • Saline implants of any length may be used whilst silicone implants are the handiest as much as a designated length is used.
  • Scars-A 2 to 2. five scar is every so often hard to cover when you have small beneath neath arms.
  • Additional surgical treatment for scar tissue elimination is probably required if you need to get rid of the scars from the armpit area.

Periareolar Breast Augmentation

In this sort of technique, a tiny incision is made across the decreased border of the areola. Likewise, as the scar is at the areola, it’s far mechanically hidden, specially withinside the ladies of colour as they have a robust comparison among the boob and areola. Likewise, it is suitable for ladies who do now no longer have a nicely described fold.


Following are the blessings of periareolar breast augmentation:

  • The scar may be hidden with the assist of areolar tissue and colour comparison.
  • If you need to head for a couple of surgical treatments, it is right to select this precise technique.
  • It is a terrific technique for sagging breasts; you could think about them as a mini breast lift.
  • It is a superb technique to cover scars, especially while huge silicone implants are used.


Following are the hazards of the technique:

  • The scar is the point of interest of the breast.
  • It is an exceptionally touchy technique and similarly calls for terrific talent for the health care professional.
  • You would possibly enjoy the loss of sensation withinside the areola.
  • Breast augmentation would possibly or won’t be affected, relying upon the quantity you require from the breasts implantation technique.

Infra Mammary Breast Augmentation

This precise Breast augmentation technique is made in the breast fold and is suitable for those who have a described breast fold. Likewise, the incision is made beneath neath the boob, which makes the position of the implant extraordinarily smooth at the health care professional’s part.


Following are the blessings of Infra Mammary Breast surgical treatment:

  • Implant positioning and pocket advent are easy on this technique.
  • Similarly, women with deep folds can live without difficulty disguising scars beneath neath them.
  • It is a terrific method for different surgical treatments.
  • If your boobs are mildly sagging, this is a superb method for you.
  • It minimizes the threat of capsular contracture formation.
  • This method is best for silicone implants.
  • It does now no longer have any impact on breastfeeding withinside the future.


Following are the hazards of Infra Mammary Surgery:

  • A scar is seen beneath neath the boobs.
  • If you’ve got smaller breasts, it’s far hard to cover the scar.
  • Wearing positive garments with an underwire will make your scar similarly extra seen.
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