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How to lose upper belly fat at home?

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July 25, 2021

What causes an increase in upper belly fat?

There are many possible reasons for the increase in upper belly fat. In most cases, it is said to be our lifestyle choice. The reason could also be based on genetics or also hormones. Below are some of the few primary reasons for the increase in upper belly fat.

Unhealthy eating

Unhealthy foods don’t do any good to our body and have zero nutritional value but instead, add calories to our body. Eating junk and processed foods regularly can lead to an increase in upper belly fat, and most importantly, it isn’t good for our health. Thus, eating unhealthy food will gradually lead to a rise in the waist size of our body, or we could say upper belly fat.


Whether it’s because of your studies or your work, whatever the reason might be, having too much stress may result in excess belly fat. Sometimes we might not realize how much weight we are putting on due to stress.

No workout or wrong workout

Someone who doesn’t exercise has a good enough reason for increasing belly fat, but a wrong workout will do no help either. Proper training is essential for a flat belly. A daily run or yoga class is very beneficial.

Age factor

It’s a sad but actual fact that as we age, our body goes through various changes. Studies show that as we age, subcutaneous fat decreases, and visceral fat increases. The increase in visceral fat can lead to many lifestyle diseases, including weight gain.

Lack of sleep

A poor sleep cycle or lack of sleep can also lead to an increase in upper belly fat. Various studies show that the one who slept for less than six hours a night was more probably to gain weight than those who slept for seven to eight hours a night. So, if you fall under people who sleep for less than six hours a night, sleep for at least eight hours a night. Sleep deprivation usually leads to late-night cravings, which may increase fat.

How to reduce upper belly fats?

Drink water

Drinking enough water is beneficial in various ways. This one way is the simplest yet very effective way recommended for weight loss. Instead of grabbing a soda, drink a lot of water. Water eliminates all the toxins and cleanses the whole body. Having 8 to 10 glasses of water every day will help you in many ways.

Maintain a healthy diet

If you want to get back in shape, a healthy diet is a must. Eat often but try to consume smaller meals. This could help lower the burden on our digestive system. Eat nutrient-rich food instead of calorie food items. Try to avoid oily things and also some baked products. Junk food is something you should avoid, and try swapping them with fruits or vegetable salads.

Sleep for 8 hours

A bad sleeping habit will slow down the metabolic activity of your body. Ghrelin and leptin are two essential hormones working for you. Lack of sleep can lead to more ghrelin (a hormone that tells us when to eat). Similarly, lack of sleep leads to less leptin (a hormone that tells us to stop eating) in our bodies. You need to sleep for at least 8 hours every night.

Regular exercise

If you want to get rid of that belly fat, exercising is the best way for you. Make a proper exercise routine and try to do it regularly. Consistency is the key. This will help you in fat burning and also will lead to good metabolism. Thus, exercise as regularly as you can.

Lower down your stress level

Stressing over certain things won’t solve your problem. It would help if you learned to deal with stress. Calm down and find your way out of it. This will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and see various positive changes in your body.

Some home remedies to reduce belly fat

Warm lemon water in the morning

Starting your day with warm lemon water is the simplest but the best way to get rid of your belly fat. Add a few drops of lemon in warm water, a teaspoon of honey, or a pinch of salt if you like. It’s best to have it on an empty stomach.

Jeera(cumin) water in the morning

You can also have jeera water as an alternative—boil water with a teaspoon of cumin seeds. Then, strain the cumin water and make sure to have it warm. It’s perfect for our body.

Go for whole-grain food.

Whole-grain foods are very rich in fibre and are a lot more nutritious for our bodies. It contains more proteins and calcium. Replacing refined grains with whole-grain foods can bring a lot of benefits to your body.

Spice up your food with curcumin powder

Curcumin can help you resolve the problem of obesity due to its anti-inflammatory components. It is a member of a ginger family. It not only helps in your weight loss diet but also has a lot of other benefits.

Have hot organic teas

Any tea flavoured with natural spices like green tea, jasmine tea, etc., can be beneficial in losing weight. They are very rich in antioxidants and also some amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Thus, sipping on hot organic teas can be very beneficial for you.

Yoga or meditation

As said before in an article, stress can result in fat gaining. It increases your cravings for high-calorie food and can result in boosting belly fat. Thus, doing de-stress yoga or meditations can help you release stress.


If your upper belly fat is bothering you, you must set a few realistic goals and work on them. Spend a few minutes of your day on the upper belly workout. Consistency is the key. Follow proper diets and exercise. Do some research if you can and follow what’s right for you. You can also talk to your doctor or nutritionist if you can.

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