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The five biggest myths about getting rid of stretch marks

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January 3, 2019

The stretch mark sucks. Either stretch marks hit you during the weight loss or weight gain, or when you are growing the human being inside your body (when you are pregnant), and now you got these purple-red, jagged minor marks. And it’s good if you are comfortable with the stretch marks. But what if you are not? You try different things to get rid of those stretch marks.

There are some myths too about getting rid of the stretch marks. Let’s see what they are.

Myth one: Cocoa butter can prevent the stretch marks

Can Cocoa butter prevent marks? Not! Cocoa butter on your growing tummy cannot help in fighting against pregnancy marks. But yes, it can help get rid of the uncomfortable itch that comes with the stretched skin.

According to the study, cocoa butter doesn’t help in preventing marks. Cocoa butter is the moisturizer, and the moisturizers don’t penetrate the skin deep enough for affecting the effects.

Myth two: stretch marks cannot be treated

Modern machines and the universal hatred of problematic skin have found the treatments for the marks a long ago. There are many ways of treatment for the spots.

The most popular way is laser therapy, such as Vbeam Perfecta (best for the new marks) or Fraxel (best for the old spots). Laser therapy is the best way of treatment, but it is expensive as well. Each treatment session can cost up to $1,000, and multiple sessions will be needed for a better result.

If that will not be easy to stomach, you can also try the topical retinoid, specifically the tretinoin. The prescription vitamin-A derivative can help reduce the appearance of the marks with prolonged use. Spots will not be disappeared totally, but they will surely be lessened in colour and size.

Myth three: stretch marks never fade once you get them

We have good news for you; this is not true. Marks occur during quick weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy. And the thing is that marks are not the life sentence. Marks gradually fade away over time.

It will change into white and nude from red and pink within a few years. It’s not that it will fade away, but it will not be as much notice as it was when you first got them.

Myth 4: Only women can get stretch marks

One of the biggest myths among people is only women endure marks. The reality is men are just as subject to impacts as women are. Sports don’t discriminate against people according to gender. It is the fact that if there is skin, there is a possibility of marks. Marks are common among men who have experienced significant weight gain or loss and those involved in bodybuilding.

There are physical causes that can lead to marks for men and women alike. Effects can affect people of any gender, age, ethnicity, and size.

Myth 5: Stretch marks are all one colour

Not all of the marks are the same. It can change colours and shapes depending on a few different components. How old the spots are, initial severity, and even location on the body can impact the colour of marks. Everybody is diverse, and means skin reacts differently to everybody.

When the marks are less than a year old, their colour is usually red or purple due to the blood vessels that are present under the skin. Once the stretch marks are set in the body, they can turn into a more dark purple. From there, without any proper treatment, the stretch marks will continue ageing and eventually turn white or silver.

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