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5 ways to be slim and attractive for over 35 cross women

There are various ways to be slim and attractive for man and women. Nobody wants to have unnecessary weight and unnecessary fats. To be more attractive and healthy we need to do some works that help you to reduce our weight. No one likes to have a bad personality and health even they are young or old age group people.

Here is the best way to be slim and attractive for 35 cross women:

Drink More Water

Many people believe that water is the good way to reduce our unnecessary weight. And it is true, the right amount of water can helps you to be slim and attractive.

To healthy and glowing skin you have to drink at list eight glasses of water per day. 35 cross women also can look young and healthy if she can use the water as a major drink.

Grab a piece of fruit before heading out of the house

Another amazing and easy process to lose your weight is fruits. This may help you to make your body healthier and feet. Before going out of your home you can take some piece of your best fruits.

This helps to keep you fresh and fill up for a long time. And even you can carry some fruits while going out of your workplace you can eat as snacks. Best way to be attractive women after crossing 35.

Eat slowly and stop eating before you feel full

Sometimes people eat more than they need. It is very bad habits to eat the excessive amount of food every day. So while eating food you have to stop before feeling full.

Have you ever notice that some people are just eating before they feel hunger. This is really very bad habits to gain weight. So to be staying more attractive and slim you need to identify your hunger.

Green tea

one of the best drinks in the world is Green tea. This helps you to lose your unnecessary weight. Green tea is not only useful to lose your weight rather you can drink it for being healthy.

Green tea especially helps to burn fat from your all parts of our body. Various researches find out that green tea can reduce tension and stress.


In this very present day, yoga is better than other exercises. So many people want to lose their weight without hard work out. To remain young and healthy you can choose yoga for all group of people. It helps to keep you fresh and healthy.

35 ages cross women can be slim and attractive for a long time you can practices yoga every day. This is also another very easy way to be slim and attractive after crossing 35 years of women.

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