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I’m no expert when it comes to applying makeup. In fact, I would go as far as saying, I’m just really ‘winging’ it (pardon the pun ha, ha). A professional makeup course was something I always wanted to do……maybe I will someday, but for now I’ll just rely heavily on my YouTube videos, Snapchat tutorials and masterclasses. When I found out MAC here in Dubai were holding masterclass workshops on different makeup techniques once a month, I was like……’where do I sign up?’. Synonymous with celebrity collaborations, trendy, cool, legendary cult status and good quality products, when MAC holds classes in applying makeup – it’s a no-brainer……you need to be part of it!

Held at The Address Hotel at Dubai Mall, I recently attended the contouring and smokey-eye masterclass.  The classes are held on the last Saturday of every month and have a different theme/technique each time.  The class itself consists of a 1 and a half hour makeup demonstration and tutorial and a 1 and a half hour of assistance doing your own makeup and practicing what was just shown by a dedicated MAC MUA.  What I did find out and which was evident from our class, it sell’s out very quickly and all the classes are full.  The cost of the class is AED600 (roughly €145 / £114 / US$164) which is redeemable against products which you can purchase in the MAC store in Dubai Mall after the workshop.  Conveniently enough…..the masterclass which is held at The Address within Dubai Mall is only a few minutes away from the MAC store and trust me, once you’ve finished the class, you cannot wait to get there to purchase all the products you’ve been trying!

The masterclass starts at 5:30pm and lasts 3 hours but we actually went over the time as there’s a lot to get through in 3 hours. The room is set up whereby each person has their own little makeup applying space consisting of a mirror, some MAC brushes, some spoolies, cotton wool and cotton buds. You are also given a MAC Technique book (a little keep-sake) which is very nice and which allows you to take notes, has various makeup tips and tricks, face charts and a wish-list.

How The Masterclass Works:

Firstly, there’s a tutorial from a MAC Makeup artist (we had the pleasure of having the lovely Ailena) where she demonstrates a complete makeup look on a model (see below) incorporating contouring and smokey-eye. This lasts 1 hour and a half, allowing people to ask questions where needs be. The room is also adorned with two large screens enabling you to see close-up in more detail the technique’s and makeup products used.

Next, a team of MAC MUA’s are on-hand to assist you (mostly on a one-to-one basis and depending on how full the class is) to apply the same/similar techniques and know-how as demonstrated on the model. In other words……, it’s our turn.

There was such a great buzz in the room that at one stage I looked around and it was reminiscent of a large group of girls getting ready for a big night out lol! All that was missing, was some loud tunes to get us going!!!

Myself and my sister had the lovely MAC Makup Artist Adelia assisting us to recreate the whole look with her aim to source the correct products for our skin (luckily we both have similar skin tones – Irish and pale!) which made her life a lot easier. So with our little makeup stations in front of us, we were ready to go.

We firstly took off any remnants of makeup we had on. To begin applying our base, Adelia assessed our skin tone and immediately got the correct foundations for us. I decided to go with the Mineralize foundation as I’ve always been a Studio Fix kinda gal so fancied a change and I liked the sound of the mineralise foundation with it’s dewy (I’m a big fan of dewy skin) healthy glow finish. As I’m getting older, I need a lot of help in the foundation department and as dewy skin equals youthful skin – I’m gonna go with that option every time!

Adelia also reconfirmed that I have a warm tone to my skin so for all the products I tried and subsequently bought – they are NW (Neutral Warm). I loved that my skin was properly assessed as it makes future purchases of makeup all the easier. She also went through the different brushes and which ones I should be using for the different stages. Again, this is valuable information in regards to makeup application as it’s all about the tools! I definitely learned a lot more in regards to contouring – it’s all about the blend. Yes – blend, blend, blend to your heart’s content – basically from now on blending is my cardio. Adelia was on hand for every step in the recreation of a fully-flawless contoured-to-the-max face – I was actually trying to figure out how I could sneak her home so that she could help me recreate that look every day ha, ha!! What intrigued me most about the class was perfecting the ‘on-point’ smokey-eye! This is one area that I would love to master, and again, learned some valuable tips. I actually found out where I was going wrong after all these years in achieving that whole smoldering eye look and that in itself was a revelation for me! Looking quite ‘on-fleek’ we finished the look off with a highlighter, some lipstick, and of course some shameless selfies!

Adelia kindly wrote down the products and brush numbers we used and were happy with during the one-on-one tutorial which made it easy at the MAC store after the workshop to redeem the cost of the class for products.

What products did I go for?

I decided to concentrate on makeup for my face as I have a multitude of eyeshadows, eye products, and brushes so felt I didn’t need anymore in that department. I’m a huge fan of foundations and forever on the hunt for the perfect one (does that exist?) so I went for:

  • The MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation in shade NW20 (AED200) which feels so light on my skin and I love the glowy finish.
  • I’ve been dying to get my hands on some new contouring products (I love cream contouring in particular as it blends better and prefers it to powder contour) so I went for the Mineralize Concealer in the very light shade – NW15 (AED140) to really brighten up my face.
  • I also got the Studio Finish Concealer in the much darker shade of NW40 for that nice contour blend (AED120).
  • During the self-tutorial, I fell in love with the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation which gave a subtle, light, silky, matte finish to my skin and was definitely on my ‘must-buy’ list (AED170).  It even works well as a setting powder over my base and contour and perfect for those days when you’re in a hurry (that’s most days for me then!) and need to apply foundation quickly.
  • I chose the Studio Fix Powder Foundation in a darker shade also – NW40 which again was really light, is a perfect velvety warm bronzer (way too dark to use as an overall foundation on me), and looked great over my blended creamy contour (AED170).

As you can see I went over my AED600 cost of the masterclass but I was more than happy with my purchases and satisfied my ‘base’ was covered (pardon the pun ha, ha!).

One thing I must mention though and it’s not a critique, it’s merely an observation.  The class ideally should be earlier.  The 5:30 pm start is quite late considering its 3 hours long without a break – there’s no time for breaks when makeup is involved……hell hath no fury like a woman getting her face on ha, ha!.  In addition to this, one must also take into account the fact that you need to redeem the cost of the masterclass against products that same evening so by the time we finished, it was just after 9 pm and then headed over to MAC in the Dubai Mall. So all-in-all, we finished up around 10 pm.  My suggestion here is to hold the classes earlier, preferably in the afternoon.  The main reason being – no girl wants to spend an hour and a half putting her makeup on, only to go home straight to bed and take if off.  You just want to go out and show it all off!

Would I recommend this masterclass? Absolutely

Perfect for any makeup lovers out there, MAC fans, people who are curious about makeup and the class itself also makes a wonderful gift. It may be something for a group of girls to do together such as a hen party – and then head off for a night on the tiles.

How do I book?

The best way to book a place on the masterclass is to book and pay directly with any MAC counter in the UAE. From there, you will be issued a voucher upon payment and your place on the class will be guaranteed.

I for one am definitely looking forward to doing another masterclass and secretly hoping they will hold an eyeliner/winged look workshop. I yet have to master the perfect cat-eye, winged eyeliner look. At the moment my ‘flicks’ resemble distant cousins rather than sisters/twins!!!

I’m excited that MAC is embarking on this masterclass series as I’ve been to a couple of masterclasses – held mostly by individual MUA’s rather than a brand but I have to say, I was very impressed with the MAC experience. I found it professional and rewarding and hope that other brands will soon follow suit. Also, above anything, it’s such a fun experience

Thank you for stopping by and having a read and remember…………



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