This Weird Product Gets Rid of Dry Skin on Your Feet in an Insane Way539

This Weird Product Gets Rid of Dry Skin on Your Feet in an Insane Way

What wish will you ask if the genie popped out of the bottle? Probably everybody’s first wish will be to get the smooth, fresh, and the soft skin like the newborn baby, isn’t it? But it will be funny to talk about genie fulfilling our needs. It will be talking like an idiot if we say that we will ask for the skin like a newborn baby with the genie. But what will be your reaction if we say that you can really get the skin like a newborn baby? Yes, you heard right, you can really get the soft, smooth and fresh skin which you are wishing for by the help of Baby foot. Excited to know how? Let’s talk about it.

Well, the product Baby foot is in the market. This product is new and it is getting a good place in the market. It peels off your skin away and reveals the fresh skin. Yes, it’s true.

Well, it’s heard scary and painful but it is totally safe. The product Baby Foot was originally invented by Japan. It is a chemical exfoliator which peels the layer of the calloused and the rough skin of your feet and gives you the smooth and soft skin.

The sock-like booties of this product are filled with the fruit extracts like orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc. They work for exfoliating the skin.

How does Baby foot work?

Before using the baby foot, take a shower. It will help to soften the skin. After the shower, slip your feet into the booties and tape them in the place. After using it, wait for one hour. Likewise, after one hour, wash your feet with the soap and water. After few days of using it, your feet will start to peel off with the long strips of the skin sloughing off on their own for the next few weeks.

For few weeks your feet will look weird newborn baby but after that slowly your feet will start being soft than the baby wrapped in the cashmere. The good news is it is nottoo much costly. You can get it only at $19 in the market.

Once you use it, its result will last for more than the month. And yes you don’t have to wait for your genies too, isn’t it?