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The 8 best affordable makeup kits in Dubai that popular over world

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August 31, 2018

Best makeup kits in Dubai are an exciting topic to explore for girls who are conscious about beauty. It has become challenging to find out the best beauty as well as skincare products. But it’s not the problem in Dubai. We can quickly get many popular makeup kits in Dubai. But finding out the best one is essential for actual beautiful makeup even there are many online or mobile app for looking beautiful virtually by using beauty plus app.

The United Arab Emirates is a hub for all kinds of entrepreneurs from several types of industries. Some local beauty experts have made a mark by starting their brands of makeup and beauty products. Several makeup artists grew to fame with an online following to beauty products from locals with a passion for skincare; here is the list of UAE makeup brands and other homegrown beauty-based companies that are popular.

Best makeup kits in Dubai for ladies

Huda Beauty – Best makeup kits in Dubai.

Founder: Huda Kattan

Official website: https://hudabeauty.com/

The first name on the list would be Huda Beauty, known for being the best brand for the best makeup kits in Dubai. Huda Beauty is owned by Dubai-based businesswoman and makeup artist Huda Kattan. She started a beauty-related blog and a YouTube channel in 2010, and later in 2012, she launched a cosmetic line named after her track. Although she has never spent money on advertising, Huda Beauty is one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty brands.

The brand offers more than 140 products online or in-store. Their top-rated products include matte lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, foundations, and more. The brand has an immense global customer base and a large following on its social media channels. As of 2021, their YouTube channel has more than 4.15 million subscribers and has over 48 million followers on Instagram.

8 Best makeup kits in Dubai for ladies, girlsnbeauty.com

Lash Dubai – Best makeup kits in Dubai.

Founder: Noora Saeed and Sally Al-Khatib

Official website:

Lash Dubai is next on our list for producing quality lashes in the Middle East. Two lash lovers founded the brand in 2014, Noora Saeed and Sally Al-Khatib. And today, it is one of the biggest and best false-lash brands available in the Middle East. 

Their deep research behind creating different styles of lashes, the unique design offered in a range of lengths, forms, and dramatic styles, and excellent quality could be a reason behind their massive success.  The best part about Lash Dubai is that they are all handmade using top-quality, cruelty-free mink hair, silk, synthetic fibres, or human hair.

Glossy makeup – Best makeup kits in Dubai.

Founder: Natasha Zaki

Official website: https://glossymakeup.com/

Glossy makeup, whose primary purpose is to be a leading authority for glamorous women globally, is the next brand on our list. The brand was founded by an international makeup artist, beauty expert, and influential beauty blogger, Natasha Zaki. Her products also grace the shelves at Harrods in London and stores in the Middle East.

If you are looking exclusively for the top best makeup kits in Dubai, Glossy Makeup might be the right choice for you. They have a wide range of lashes, brushes, and beauty accessories is a go-to brand for makeup artists and lash lovers. On top of that, they claim that their products are 100% cruelty-free, and all their brushes are vegan.

Hammamii – Best makeup kits in Dubai.

Hammamii - best makeup kits in dubai

Founder: Shawna Morneau

Official website: http://hammamii.com/

Founded by Shawna Morneau who holds qualifications in Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Chemistry, Hammamii is Dubai’s First Homegrown Luxury SPA Brand. She was inspired by the authentic hammam rituals of the Middle East. Combining her love for raw ingredients, Hammamii offers a wide range of beautiful skincare products using traditional and all-natural ingredients. 

Their mission according to them is to create hammam-inspired skincare products and treatments, using locally sourced ingredients and to provide a unique authentic spa experience. The brand gives a modern luxury experience and also embraces the ancient traditions of the hammam. One of the main ingredients used by them in their spa products is camel’s milk. They also use salts from the Arabian Gulf and dried lemons from Fujairah, which is their plus point.

Shirley Conlon organics – Best makeup kits in Dubai.

Founder: Shirley Conlon

Official website: https://shirleyconlonorganics.com/

Luxury Organic Skincare Brand made in Dubai by Irish Dubai resident Shirley Conlon is a local beauty brand that is hugely popular in Dubai. According to them, their products are chemical-free and cruelty-free, also their formulas are safety tested and compliant with EU and local regulations. The brand products are specially formulated for skin exposed to hot and humid climates with a focus on organically sourced items.

Their products mainly include ingredients like minerals, essential oils, and botanical extracts. A brand is a great option for naturally made makeup kits, face masks, cleansers, and serums. 

Herbal essentials

Founder: Aly Rahimtoola

Official website: https://herbal-essentials.com/

Fascinated by the story of a truly inspirational man who was visiting a beauty exhibition from the Himalayas, Aly Rahimtoola, the founder of herbal essentials, learned about mineral-rich ingredients that had been around for thousands of years. He is now a champion of natural skincare since he launched the brand almost a decade ago.

All their skincare products come infused and hydrated with pure Himalayan spring water which is collected straight from the foothills of the Himalayas. They use brim with macro minerals to pack all their products. 

Some of their few recommended products are moisturizing masks, calming face creams, and serums. If you are looking for these products in natural form, then Herbal Essentials is for you.


shiffa best makeup kits in dubai

Founder: Lamees Hamdan

Official website: https://www.shiffa.com/

Out of her personal necessity during her pregnancy, Dr. Lamees created her first product, SHIFFA Pregnancy Body Oil. It’s a unique organic oil that protects our skin and also increases our well-being. Their original oil is still one of their best-selling products today. SHIFFA is a six-time award-winning brand and still continues to stand out. 

Their product is created with the combination of the world’s most potent organic ingredients with advanced skincare science. The brand takes a mind, body, and soul approach to skincare. Their products are infused with their own unique healing essence. SHIFFA’s product uses ingredients that are based on natural oils with accurate ratios based on Dr. Lamees’ compositions as a dermatologist.


Founder: Mona Kattan

Official website: https://www.kayalifragrance.com/

Said to be the Brainchild of Huda Beauty founders, Huda and Mona Kattan teaming up with renowned French perfume house Firmenich, they have created a collection of four stunning scents. KAYALI which translates from Arabic to ‘my imagination’ is a perfume collection that allows you to mix, layer, and explore your own unique scent, inspired by the Middle Eastern tradition of scent layering. 

Their most known scents are ‘Citrus 08’  and ‘Elixir 11.’. ‘Citrus 08’  is feminine in every sense and ‘Elixir 11.’ is the seductive one. It’s the scent for fashion-forward users who can choose to either use each scent individually or pair them up.


Well, there are several other popular beauty brands that sell different types of best makeup kits in Dubai. Some of them are excellent working too. The makeup kits of the above-given brands are also one of the well-known and popular brand’s makeup kits. If you are looking for the best makeup kits in Dubai then you should surely consider giving a try to those products at least once.

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