What is a keratin treatment for hair?

The world of the hair care is filled with the new tricks, techniques, and trends for keeping your hair beautiful and healthy as possible. It might be difficult for choosing the best one. For, example, you may have seen the products with the shelves with “Keratin” on the label. You may have also heard that many hair stylists recommend using the keratin treatment.

What is Keratin?

We can simply say that keratin is a naturally-occurring fibrous structural protein which can be found on the skin, hair, and nails. Keratin works as the structural support in these body parts and it also functions as the repair acids. Everything which the skin does for protecting your skin is because of the keratinized cells.

Your 60-90% of hair is also made up of the keratin proteins. These proteins can also be used as the healing agents. But the improper care of the hair can destroy the keratin.

The things like chemicals, heat, improper techniques and low-quality water can also destroy the keratin.

But fortunately, there are a few steps which can be taken for refreshing keratin in your hair which might have been lost in the past days!

Advantages of the keratin treatment on hair:

Improves strength and elasticity

As we have mentioned above, keratin treatment helps in filling the gaps which come with the hair damage. It will also protect the hairs from the brittleness and damage.

The keratin treatment will make easier for the hair to fight against the everyday factors such as hairstyling, heated styling tools, and other different factors which causes the hair damage.

Smooth and straighter texture

The keratin treatment will give a smooth and straighter texture to the hair. It is the key to the professional treatment. For relaxing, neutralizing, and conditioning your hair into a straighter texture, keratin strengthening procedures are designed.

You can use the keratin oil in the final step which can help you in recovering and holding the treatment.

Added UV protection

 Keratin protein has a great role in protecting your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. Sun can cause different types of hair issues and also causes damage to your beautiful looks.

Mainly in the summer season when you go out, UV protection should be considered. Keratin treatment is very helpful for protecting your hair from the sun rays.

Restore moisture and shine

Moisture retention of your hair will be decreased when the exterior cuticle of the hair is compromised. Your hair will be more suitable to retain the moisture by repairing the integrity of the cuticle.

The keratin treatment will help to restore the moisture of the hair and makes it more shiny and brighter than before.

How does it work?

A hair stylist applies the product of keratin hair-straightening in your hair and uses the heat devices of a flat iron to make it straight. The process might take up to 90 minutes or longer than that, depending on the length of your hair.

The keratin products of salon include the keratin complex smoothing therapy by Global Keratin Complex, Coppola, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, La-Brasilian treatment, Brazilian Hair Straightening, and the Brazilian Blowout.

After the treatment, you can just forget about the frizzy hair and walk out in the moist or light rain. Your hair will not change.

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