Natural products you shouldn’t use on your skin

We should trust the internet but not blindly. We cannot say that everything written on the internet is 100% correct. It doesn’t mean that we are saying that we don’t believe the internet is wrong. We suggest that sometimes depending on the internet may not be good. There are many natural products we can use on our faces to make a look clear and beautiful.

There are many such natural products. But it doesn’t mean that every natural product is good for the skin. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the natural products that harm your skin more than making sound effects.

You may be using natural products, but you are not getting the best result even after that. It might be because of not choosing the suitable ingredient. So if you are facing the same problem, this article is probably for you.

So without making any delay, let’s move towards our article!

Baking soda

You may be shocked to know that baking soda is not for the skin as much you think it is. Baking soda’s scrubby texture seems similar to the exfoliators in your face scrub, but it is very harmful to the skin. Why?

Well, let us explain why. Your skin consists of a natural pH of roughly 4.5 to 5. When you mix it with the pH levels, it’s like throwing the nuke into the rainforest. Baking soda is considered a super alkaline, which contains a high pH of 9. It will damage the natural barrier of your skin.

You might not see the damage with the naked eyes, but it will simultaneously damage the skin. It will cause a significant moisture loss and also the ability of the skin to regulate itself.

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Lemon’s property is similar to baking soda. It also consists of a high pH. Well, we all know that lemon is highly acidic. Because of that, when we apply the pure lemon directly to the skin, it will immediately react with the skin.

It will disrupt the acid mantle of your skin and may irritate you. The oils in these types of fruits are also phototoxic.

It means that it can cause blistering rashes and burns on your skin if you go out on the sun after applying them. The main concern is just to say no to the lemon.

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Hot water

Many people recommend using hot water if your hair is damaged. Do you think it is right to do it? Of course not. 

We know that having a steaming-hot water shower feels like heaven on a sub-zero night. But do you know the side-effects of it?

Well, hot water will zap away the lipids of your skin and will make you red, itchy, and irritated. It is most harmful to people whose skin barrier is already moisturized, like people with psoriasis, eczema, or keratosis.

Moreover, the oil production will be put on overdriven by the skin, which will lead to more acne and breakouts.

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Using sugar on your lips as an exfoliant is very good because it will make your lips more sturdy and resilient. But it doesn’t mean that it is suitable for your skin. As we know, sugar is of angular edges and rubbing it on the face is not good at all. We cannot consider sugar as one of the good natural products.

It can make tiny tears on the skin surface, and it can cause red marks, inflammation, and irritation. Other products in a store might be too harsh for the skin.

Products like coffee beans, nutshells, and other natural products have sharp edges and damage the skin.

Instead of these natural products, you can go for the products like Tatcha Deep Rice Enzyme Powder. It is suitable for the skin because it will gently exfoliate the skin without tearing it up.

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Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is also used as hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol is used to sterilize wounds to avoid infection. And also it’s used for cleaning the house.

But alcohol is one of the most skin drying and harmful ingredients you can ever use. If you use it, it will irritate the skin, so it’s not good for the skin at all.

Alcohol will also swipe away the barrier of your skin of essential proteins and lipids. It will gradually lead decrease in moisture and also increase the bacteria and irritants getting in.

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