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Ways to hair treatment for damaged hair

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July 17, 2018

It is very difficult for avoiding the damage and the dryness when you behave with your hair as a science lab experiment. There are three layers in each of your hair strands. The inner one is known as the medulla. It is surrounded by the middle layer, called the cortex. And the outer layer is known as the cuticle. The cuticle does your hair treatment when it is damaged.

The main reason of hair damage is pollution, heat, chemicals, many of the other carelessness of us.

As we all know, there is nothing more heartbreaking than cutting your hair because of its dryness. But don’t worry! We have found out some of the ways of treating the damaged hair.

If you are the one who is suffering from the hair dryness, once have a look at the tips of damaged hair treatment below. We are pretty sure that you will get some benefits from this.

So, let’s start!

Trim the ends of damaged hair

If the end of your hair looks dry then it must be trimmed before working on the restoring of your hair. Sometime, trimming your hair will be enough for getting rid of the damage and refresh your hair.

But it doesn’t mean that you should chop extremely. Just cut with the layers, which can help you to get rid of the hair damage.

But before trimming your hair, make sure that your scissor is sharp enough. The blunt scissor can make a harm to your hair.

For making sure that your scissor is sharp, ask your stylist to cut the wet tissue with it. if it doesn’t cut the tissue properly, it is time to look for the new one.

Avoid the hot styling tools

Stop using the hot styling tools as soon as you notice that your hair is damaged. Heat is not good for the damaged hairs.

It is sure that stopping the use of the hot styling tools will help you a lot in your damaged hair treatment. You can use natural hair drying process and the hair styling which doesn’t need heat.

Avoid hair colours and the chemicals

You may also know that the chemicals are the worst enemies of the hair. It will not be good to bleach, dye or perm your hair while it is damaged. Don’t use any kind of chemical products on your hair, at least until it is totally repaired.

But there can be an alternative way. You can use the natural ingredients. It will not damage your hair as well as it will also be helpful for your damaged hair treatment.

Use sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos

We use different shampoos and the conditioners every day. Almost all of them contain chemicals which can be harmful to your hair; especially for the dry hair. Make sure that you avoid the products which consist of sulfate or a sodium lauryl sulfate.

Instead of using the artificial hair products, consider replacing it with the natural ingredients, like oils and the deep conditioning masks. You can easily make it at home and also it will be very beneficial for your hair treatment.

Even though the products which consist of chemicals cleanse your hair well, they will also take out the moisture of your hair.

Repair your damaged hair with the oils

For keeping your hair nourished and healthy, it is very necessary to oil your hair frequently. You can use different oils such as coconut oils, castor oils, or the olive oils. Massage your hair slowly with the oil and leave it for one to two hours before shampooing.

Oils make a protective layer around the cuticle and help in nourishing your hair shaft. Coconut oils consist of the penetrative properties which help in nourishing the hair shaft by its fatty acids. Castrol oils consist of high protein which helps in repairing the keratin spots of your hair.

Use of the natural remedies for the damaged hair

There are many natural ingredients which you can use in place of the chemical products. Ingredients like honey, bananas, oils, eggs, etc. can be very beneficial for your hair. They will help in damaged hair treatment in a short period of time.

It will be very beneficial to use the natural ingredients. It will make your hair shiny, attractive, as well as attractive.

Consume the foods which are rich in protein

Consume the foods like fish, yoghurt, soy, eggs etc. They are very rich in protein which can be helpful for nourishing your hair back to health. Actually, your hair is made of protein and when it is damaged it will need more protein to be repaired.

 Use the food sources which are rich in protein. But keep in mind that the excess use of protein will also not be good for your hair.

When you find your hair damaged, increase the use of protein. It will help in damaged hair treatment in a short period of time.

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