Woman’s Face Was Severely Burned in Essential Oil Diffuser Accident533

Essential oils are being increased very popularly. Although being popular, there is a risk of it if it comes in contact with skin and heat. Emily Smith who was 24 years old recently discovered this when she used an essential oil diffuser. Unfortunately, it was sprayed with the vapor. It resulted in serious burns on her face, according to The New York Post.

Emily shared her painful experience on Facebook and hopes to prevent future situations like these.

“I am feeling self-conscious about sharing my photos and my story among the people, I know I am doing the right thing. My accident will not go in vain if reading this post will save peoples from the pain that I have got. Do you really know the harm that essential oil does? I won’t have believed if you have asked me four days earlier that whether I would be a victim of chemical burns on my face and eyes. You think that this will not happen to you. I also have not aspected but it also happened to me,” Emily shared on facebook.

Emily and her fiance were relaxing at home and turned on her fireplace, along with her essential oil diffuser. Then after that, she went over to the diffuser and put it for few minutes, as usual for turning it off. While she was turning off the diffuser, unfortunately, some vapor sprayed on her face.

After few hours, Emily went for adding some logs on her fireplace. She immediately started to feel her face burning. She did not know why her face was hurting. She even didn’t know that there was any connection between burning her face, flames and the diffuser. She did not take it seriously.

As the time was passing, her pain was increasing continuously. She ran and dipped her face underwater for 10 minutes to ease the pain. There was no effect of putting her face under water so she decided to call the doctor. She described her condition to the doctor by phone. The doctor said that it is a simple pain and the doctor suggested her to use cold water, aloe vera and Vaseline instead of going to the hospital. She followed the instructions given by doctors and went to bed.

Next morning when she woke up, she was shocked to see that her face was swollen. After seeing that condition, she finally decided to go to the hospital and get a medical treatment. Emily added that she could have been prevented her face from burning as worse it did if she was well about the reason behind hurting of her face. If she would have known about the reason behind the pain of her face then she would have immediately visited a doctor for treatment.

She wrote,”I wish I had treated my ‘burn’ symptoms correctly then I would have visited a doctor immediately and my face would not be continued to burn. When I did the things as said by the doctor and put my face under water, oil was not washed off. I was not too serious about my burns while I was putting my face under water.”

It is very important to visit a doctor immediately if you ever come in contact with chemicals if you think it’s harmful to your skin. My face and eyes were burned. I am feeling lucky for having my sight safe and my burn was not too much worse. But I have been suffered from eye damage permanently and potentially facial scarred for life,” said Emily.

For avoiding the accidents which are related to the diffuser, Cohen has recommended for following a couple of safety rules: you should only fill the diffuser to the line marked on the device. You should leave it unplugged until it is totally filled up. put 6 to 7 drops of essential oil in your diffuser and don’t put it anywhere where you are likely to knock it over.

She concluded in her post that the life-changing incident which happened with her was preventable. She personally told that she will not be using the diffuser again.