The Health Benefits of Laughter


Laughter is most benefits for human health. It is one of the best medicine for a healthier life. It is even proved scientifically that a laughing person remains fit than the sad one. He/she will occupy more positive energy than the others. Laughter makes people healthier. Laughter is a good thing. Scientists already have proved that laughter, humor and joy are an important part of life. Laughing has different benefits i.e. it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and increases muscle flexion.

It will not only brighten up your day. Sharing a good laugh can actually improve our health. Laughter draws people attention towards you. They believe that you are healthy, physically fit and emotionally sound. Laughter has already proved that it reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It strengthens your immune system, and diminish your pain. We can think our self that when we were children we used to laugh hundreds of times a day. But when we grew up we bound our self into so many things and make our life more serious and laughter more infrequent.One can make his/her life increase to some extent by remaining happy. Although we know that laughter makes us spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally fit, we don’t take it more seriously.

Laughter brightens our skin and increases our muscle flexion. Nothing in this world balances your nervous system as faster as communicating face-to-face with another person. Just add laughter to that communication and see what magic you have created for you. You will have a powerful antidote which helps to get rid of stress, anxiety, pain, and conflict. Humor also lightens your burdens, inspires hopes in you, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert. Laughter makes you be more patient and helps you to release anger and be more forgiving.

Laughter relaxes your whole body i.e. a good and hearty laugh from the inside of your heart relieves physical tension and stress, and lets your muscles feel relaxed. Laughter boosts your immune system and triggers the release of endorphins. Laughter protects the heart i.e. it improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow to your body. This all process can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. Laughter burns your calorie and lightens anger heavy load. It is believed that laughter even helps you to live longer.

According to the expert’s laughter is the best medicine for health and for proving this statement they have given some of the points which prove it to be correct. They are:

Mental Health Benefits: Scientist has proved that mentally fit person is fit in doing all kinds of work. If you have no stress in your life, have no depression then you can do anything in your life properly. Laughter is the key feature that will help you to get rid of mental stress and depression. It will make you fit mentally so that you can perform any of your tasks easily. If we add humor too to fight your stress and loneliness. It will give plus point to you because one recent study has found that humor therapy was as effective as the widely used antipsychotic drug.

Physical Benefits: Laughter makes you fit physically too. It will feel relax to your body and lets you do your each and every work conveniently in a good mood. There is also a famous saying that “laughs every day will keep the doctor away.” It is one of the most commonly used complementary therapies among cancer patients.

Heart Health Benefits: Laughter is good for your heart too. When you laugh than your oxygen-rich blood will increase due to the release of endorphins. These endorphins create a chemical rush in our body that counters negative feelings and stress. And help you to maintain your heart.


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