The Emotional Side of Infertility


Infertility refers to an inability to conceive or have the baby. Even after having regular unprotected sex one cannot be fertile i.e. able to bear a child.  Infertility can also be certain to the biological inability of an individual to contribute to conception. It is also the state where a female cannot carry a pregnancy to her full term. In many countries, infertility refers to a crime committed by the couple in there because of which they failed to conceive. A couple that has failed to conceive after 12 months of regular sexual intercourse without the use of contraception is believed to be infertile in some of the countries.

The couple that cannot be fertile suffers from so many emotional problems. They believe that they have committed some crime because of which they have got this problem. They start blaming each other and start to remain far from each other. It there is a problem in any one of the couples than they start blaming them. Family and relatives start talking about them. There are so many problems that emotionally affect both the couple which results in the breaking of their relations.

Infertility brings emotional distances between the partners and their families and society. This thing can have different emotional problems including overwhelming anger, confusion, depression, a sense of helplessness, and frustration with your body’s limitations. You start hating yourself and blame to be unfit to bear the child and conceive. The infertile person becomes emotionally so helpless and weak that they can do anything if they want.

One can manage their emotion or can control their emotion to some extent following to these points which are listed down below:

Understand that you are not alone: Don’t ever feel that you are alone on this journey. Several couples have faced these problems and still living their life properly. According to the latest report, 7.3 million women in the United States and Canada face reproductive problems. And about 89 million women and girls worldwide have endometriosis out of which nearly 30 to 40 percent will face infertility issues. So, don’t feel alone and pity yourself.

See your emotional distress as normal not a sign of weakness: Don’t weaken yourself if you got the problem. It is the problem that can occur to anyone. Never feel alone, trust your partner and family member. Believe in yourself and fight for yourself. Reproductive pain is not a smaller one. But why to blame yourself for this. Just don’t let your emotions weaken you.

Arm yourself with information: Knowledge is the best thing in this world to bring you out from darkness to light. Just gathered yourself with so much information about infertility that no one can disturb you. Go online and to the medically provided sites regarding infertility and other reproductive problem. Gathered information and keep an ongoing list of questions to your doctor.

Develop a plan of action with your care team:  Prepare a plan that will motivate you and fight with your emotional problem. Don’t think too much about your problem. When you will come to know that whatever the positive step you have taken is beneficial you will feel more control.

Find ways to deal with your emotions regularly: Involve yourself in such kind of activities that will make you forget about your problem and help you to move on. Join the group which will give you information about the reproductive system and support you and let you support others like you.


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