How Many Eggs Is it Really Safe to Eat per Week?


Food is the essential thing for any human beings to survive. Different people like to eat different things. Everyone has their own taste and choice. Some like to eat simple and plain foods where some like to eat oily and some to eat junky and street food. Similarly, I like eating simple and homemade food made by my mother. But my brother likes eating eggs. He likes eating too many of it. But it is said that eating too much can harm you.

So, eating is good but should be in limit. Similarly, eat whatever you like but don’t eat it excessively. What happens if we work continuously 24 hours a day?  Of coarsely it will make us sick and tired. So, anything done excessively will harm us. Similarly, some people like to eat eggs too much. They don’t know how much it should be eaten or taken.

For many decades, people are excessively consuming eggs without knowing about its negative impact on excessive consumption. People have been advised to limit their consumption of eggs. They are advised to eat at least less of egg yolks i.e. the white is mostly protein and is low in cholesterol. But the yolk is full of cholesterol which may be harmful in excessive use of it. Common recommendations include a maximum of 2-6 yolks per week but can have the white one more than that. You can have the white portion more than the yolk because of low cholesterol. However, there really isn’t much scientific support for these limitations.

Eating eggs by making an omelet or boiled or making to other stuff is not bad. You can eat in your way as you like. The thing matters are that how much you consume it per day and in a week. Of coarsely eggs are rich in protein and is really healthy for us and is good for our diet. The main ingredient in the egg is its yolk. The yolk contains all the nutrition and fat that we need. If we remove the yolk from the egg the no any fat containing items will be remaining there. But it will lose its nutrient too.

Eating egg is good. But you must have it at least 2 a day and nearly 14-15 per week. If you will follow this routine then you can get the benefit of egg and enjoy it properly. But if you consume it too much then it can cause excessive fat in your body.

The bottom line is that the right amount of eggs totally dependent on the rest of your diet. A single large egg has about 80 calories, five grams of fat, and six grams of protein, so be careful. The one thing you should take care is that what kind of diet you are having or what food you are eating. If you’re eating plenty of protein and fat-rich meals then eating a five-egg cheese omelet for breakfast every day will not be a good idea for you. But if you don’t know about your next solid source of protein is then having protein-rich egg will be beneficial to you. Go ahead and crack an extra egg into the frying pan before you are leaving your home if you don’t know about your protein diet.

So, eggs are good for health but should be consumed in proper quantity with proper advice of your health adviser. Looking as per your daily diet and calculating the amount of protein you are having you can consume it.


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