Does your body shape determine your destiny?


According to a new report by Cynosure and McCrindle Research “One by the third part of Australian women believes that improving the shape of their body would change their life.”

The General Body Shape report has found that women of all ages believe that the good body shape would change their life.

Among total population, 23% said that if they will have such body then it will help them in being “more ok” with whom they are, 37% said that they would feel more confident in going out with the friends, 32% said that having such a body will make them more confident in their life, 31% said that they would enjoy going to beach more if they had such body and 9% said that it would help in progression of their career.

Cynosure researched 1000 women from the age of 18 to 70 in NSW, Victoria and Queensland for discovering how women of Australia feel about their bodies and how they boost the confidence of their body.

In response to the great majority negative thought by the women, Cynosure is launching a new campaign for sculpture including women of all shapes and sizes. They are baring their bodies in the name of confidence.

The campaign aims to begin a discussion about Australian women and their body lasting generation, celebrities, attitudes, perception and techniques of transformation of the body.

It also shows that the most of the women are curious to change their body areas. 61% women are most dissatisfied with the area of the abdomen, 43% were dissatisfied with thigs, 31% women were dissatisfied with arms and 18% were dissatisfied by the chin.

Cronje said that he was very happy to be able to share a groundbreaking study that shows the relationship of Australian women with their bodies.

We all know that Australian women are always in search of the ways of making changes and we want to support and make them encouraged to look at healthy and safe alternatives such as sculpture.

60% of the women said the fact that they have are unhappy with their body because they have to do a lot of work in helping. Australians feel easy with their figure and it is needed to relate to short term and long term to this audience.  “Sculpture uses a laser for raising the temperature of body fat in order to destroy fat cells which are under the skin,” said Cronje.

He said that the fat cells are naturally removed on time and it does not return back again.


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