Despite the hype, women don’t prefer the ‘natural’ look


In the natural and organic market, Despite is in continuous growth. According to new research, most of the women don’t care if their foundation is natural or organic.

Usage study and The National and Premium Foundation Agile Attitudes has found that only 15% of the American women bought foundation by looking at its natural brand and only 14% of women bought it by looking that it contains organic ingredients. According to   Gutcheck, the market research company behind the study, usually women buy foundation by observing its looks and how it feels in the skin.

52% of women said that they bought foundation because it feels lightweight and it is easy to apply in the skin while 50% of women said that it was the right color for their skin, 434% of women said that it made their skin look flawless and 40% of women said that it was full coverage for their purchase.

Manager of the marketing content Cassandra McNeill said that research was done on women of 18 to 55 years who wear foundation at least four times a week. The research was done to know if there are any benefits or key differentiators.

She said that most of the women would not like to try a new foundation just because it is the name of the natural brand. Even those who use a foundation from the natural brand would not buy it because it is a natural brand.

Even many people who prefer natural foundation buys it by its looks and feeling natural not by looking that it is made from natural ingredients or being from a natural brand.

People who use to prefer premium foundations think that natural foundation is natural it looks but it does not contain high quality of ingredients as a premium foundation.

 The study has said that there is only a difference of sight that how women define premium and natural foundation.

Most of the top ingredients used in the natural and premium foundations are similar. Somehow some of the characteristics of the premium foundation are more advanced than that of the natural foundation.

The only few peoples say that the natural foundation is more characterized by its ingredients whereas the premium foundation is liked by looking at how it makes the skin look.


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