Depression Can Fuel Heart Disease in Midlife Women


Depression is a common and serious medical illness that can negatively affect anyone. It is the state of depressive disorder regarding how you feel, the way you think, and how you act. Luckily like others, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness, loss of interest in activities you enjoyed, and life struggle. Feeling sad or having a depressed mood will weaken your energy doing anything. Depression can cause a different problem which can be emotional or physical and can be reduced a person’s ability to function in the office or at home. Some person even gets depressed if their self-esteem has been injured by someone. They leave doing things in which they are best. They start sitting alone and some even start getting alcoholic to reduce depression.

Depression not only disturb mentally and emotionally but also has a negative effect on your health. Yes, it has an adverse effect on our health. Women in midlife have a history of depression that appears at markedly greater risk of suffering from heart disease. The study proves that about 1,100 women over 10 years, depression was found to be the only significant risk factor for coronary artery disease. And women younger than 65 who had no history of heart ailments at the beginning were too affected by heart diseases because of depression.

According to the latest news, the United States has the leading number of death for both men and women from heart diseases. This states that depression is much too dangerous and a serious topic to deal with. It is a fuel for heart disease in midlife women. Although different researchers and doctors are trying to find out the cause of this problem, it has not been sure until now. While some have suggested that an increase in stress hormones in the body plays a vital role in the increase of heart disease.

It was one of the main and only significant risk factor associated with the development of heart disease in women under age 65. While scientists are still confused and have not fully got the answer to why depression increases heart disease risk. The new study has highlighted that the serious impact of mental health conditions also outcomes in medical situations. So, you must understand that depression not only brings mental problem in you but also make you take the medical need for yourself.

Different researchers and doctors also mentioned that depression can have an impact on healthy behaviors. It leads to reducing exercise and activity levels, altering eating, and sleeping habits. It leads to an increase in the intake of alcohol and drug use. They also said further research is required to determine whether such factors may also influence heart disease risks or not.

When people are stressed, anxious, or feeling down, they mostly don’t make a healthy choice rather they start feeling alone and blaming themselves because they’re so overwhelmed by their situation. A person’s mental health, in terms of their general health, is always more important i.e. when you are mentally fit you are physically fine. It is newly reported has estimated that out of 10 in 1 Americans ages 18 and older have suffered from this problem. And the figure may reach 33 percent for heart attack patients in the United States of America.

So, it can be said that Depression is one of the major problems of today’s time. It not only affects women but also to men. Depression makes high stress in hormones of our body which results in many problems in our health among which heart disease is one of the most.


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