Botox Cosmetic Injections Can Lengthen the Forehead


It is very difficult to use Botox Cosmetic. It is used for smoothing of wrinkles to reducing urinary incontinence, at this point, it almost seems like there is nothing that Botox cannot do. Anyway let the plastic surgeons prove it otherwise, yet again releasing a new, popular surgical procedure may be entirely replaced by the off-label use of Botox. In a study which was printed in the Aesthetic surgery Journal, Sarit Cohen, plastic surgeon and head of the Isreal Center for Facial Sculpting, led the researchers for discovering how Botox can help in lifting and lengthening of the forehead.

Here is given about how it works: the scientists did the experiment in which there were included 29 females of between 29 and 66 years old. They all were given a hairline injection of botulinum toxins. After the two weeks of the experiment, the height of the forehead of those women was compared to their original forehead which they had before receiving the injections, and the result was very surprising.

The women who were given an injection showed a sizable increase in the height of their forehead. the size of the forehead of the patients whose forehead was shorter lifter faster than other patients whose forehead was longer. But the injection shows not only the change in the size of the forehead of the patients, but also there was a slight rise in the brows also. By the injection which was used for hairline and lifting the forehead, brows were also eventually lifted.

Livingston, NJ, plastic surgeon, John Paul Tutela, MD explained that these injections hamper the pulling effects of frontalis muscle. It is the muscle which is on your forehead that pulls down your hairline. Therefore, for lengthening your forehead, you can use Botox and other neurotoxins.

But it is not the permanent solution for your low foreheads or eyebrows. Botox injections can only work for about three to four months. Reason for making it for short-term use and an expensive treatment option is that it requires multiple touchups over time.

 This technique is like a gamechanger for those who have low brows. Melissa Doft, a New York City-based plastic surgeon, “the lengthening of the brow is possible through a traditional or an endoscopic brow lift”. Allure said that in the hair-bearing scalp, incisions are made, and the forehead is lifted, lengthening the forehead and raising the hairline.” On the other hand, the new technique is perfect if you are not making an idea of surgery (it is also better for younger parents), but it is semi-permanent only.

There is always risk while using injection. Any kind of injection can be risky for your health. Botox injections can make you suffer from headaches to infection. But Doft said that most of the parents don’t suffer from any problems because they can tolerate the toxin well. Study of Cohen has not found any additional risks with the lift of the forehead.

No matter if you are getting any type of injection, always make sure that you are consulting the plastic surgeon with board-certified who is very familiar with the system before using needle or knife.


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