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9 celebrities who covered up their ex-inspired tattoos after breakups

The tattoo is one of the ways showing up. People make tattoos in their body for their love and it is supposed that making a tattoo of the name of your love will last your relationship longer. Because of this thinking, people make tattoos of the name of their loved one. After the breakup with their love partner, they try to hide the tattoo which they had made for their love when they were in a relationship. There are some of the famous celebrities too who had made the tattoos of their love. But they hid the tattoo after the breakup.

  1. Angelina Jolie: It was once said that Jolie once made the tattoo of Billy Bob’s blood around her neck while they were in a relationship. She was an ink-loving actress so it’s not too surprising that she also had Thorton’s moniker tattooed on her bicep during their tenure. Now, since 18 years, she has replaced the tattoo with the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces. The original tattoo which was before is totally unrecognizable.
  2. Denise Richards: Denise has married with the famous actor, Charlie Sheen. She had a “Charlie” tattoo for Charlie Sheen.After five years of marriage, they got divorced. After having a divorce with Charlie, she transformed her tattoo into an adorable fairy creature. Old tattoo is totally undetectable now.
  3. Eva Longoria: Eva had got married to Tony Parker. She had made the “NINE” tattoo in back of her neck when they were first married. She got a heartbreaking divorce from her husband, Tony Parker. It happened in 2010. After having a divorce Longoria said “see you never” and removed the tattoo which she had made when she was first married to Tony Parker.
  4. Amber Rose: The famous celebrity, Amber Rose was once the love partner of famous rapper Wiz Khalifa. When they were in a relationship, Amber Rose had made the tattoo of Wiz Khalifa in her hand. After a breakup in 2014, she covered up her tattoo. And now where there used to be the tattoo of wiz Khalifa’s face, there is now the tattoo of rocker Slash who is Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist.
  5. Kylie Jenner: Kylie Jenner was in a relationship with the famous rapper Tyga. When they were in a relationship she had a tattoo which was in the shape of lowercase “t”. It was in her ankle. But after her breakup with Tyga, the tattoo has seen to be turned into lowercase “la”.
  6. Kaley Cuoco: Kaley Cuoco is everyone’s favorite Big Bang Theory star. She had once spoken out about her tattoo coverup. Looking in her Instagram, she told that she had inked the tattoo for her ex-husband Ryan Sweeting. She had put a note on Instagram saying that do not mark your body with any future dates. She once inked the roman number on her upper back. She told that she was forced to cover up her tattoo after few months of breakup. Now it is replaced with an intricate etching of an insect.
  7. Johnny Depp: Johnny Deep belongs to the famous celebrity tattoo do-over. He had made the tattoo of his girlfriend in his right shoulder. Winona Ryder was the name of his girlfriend. He inked the tattoo on his shoulder as “Winona Forever”. They broke up in the ’90s. After a breakup, Deep removed the last two letters of his girlfriend’s name and changed as “Wino Forever”.
  8. Melanie Griffith: Melanie had a tattoo of her husband Antonio Banderas’s name inside a heart in the 1990’s. But after a breakup, she decided to remove the name of her husband from her tattoo. When she stepped out in 2014 at Italian Film Festival, the tattoo of heart was there but the name of her husband was erased from there.
  9. Corrine Olympios: Corrine Olympios situation of removing her tattoo was a little bit different than others. She had two tattoos and she removed it because of her ex. She recently told that her ex-was very religious and he told her that he could not marry a girl with tattoos. After that, she removed her both tattoos.

Above mentioned were some of the names of the famous celebrities who covered up their tattoos after having a breakup with their partners.

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