6 Reasons to Love Yourself First before Falling in Love with other


Love is the strongest feeling and emotions of anyone towards any soul which is unconditional and unbelievable. It is not conditional and done measuring height, weight, fair looks, and money and so on. It should be unconditional. Falling in love is perhaps the most beautiful and precious gift provided by nature. Falling in love with someone means as if getting lost in the wonderfully strange world and never coming back. Everyone like to love someone and be loved by them. All of us are searching for our perfect soul mate to fill the empty space of our life and love like no does.

But is it correct to fall in love with someone without knowing oneself? Without knowing perfectly to oneself, without loving to oneself can anyone love purely to others? It is a tough question to be answered. All of us are running for searching love and falling in love with someone else. But what about to ourselves? Love is a strange thing not known to anyone. But everyone goes searching it so desperately that they forget to themselves in the quest of finding love. Perhaps one of the most profound lessons one can learn in life is to fall in love with oneself first, in a non-selfish manner than fall in love with someone else.

Self-love is essential for allowing real love to fall into place i.e. if we love to oneself that we can love purely to others. What happens if we don’t love to ourselves and keep searching love from others and giving our whole love to someone else? The reasons are:

Feeling unworthy of being loved in return: To be in love is a great feeling, but being loved by someone else is even a greater feeling. However, when one feels unworthy of another’s love, it creates some problem. We always fear for something within us and never allow our partner to fully love us. We are hiding something and let our partner not knowing about.Finding ourselves unworthy of being loved is a tragedy in itself because everyone deserves to be loved.

We often find ourselves to be lost in self-doubt: As we have never loved to ourselves, we always are in doubt. One will always be asking to themselves “Is the love partner is perfect for me?” or “Have I done the correct choice?” or “Is this the thing I wanted?” We always are doubt about the relationship we are in.

Feeling of restlessness: Being restless in the relationship lets never enjoy you your love properly.You find yourself constantly questioning regarding the relationship. This is because you keep wondering if this is what you deserve or if this is what’s good for you and keep asking yourself.

You often feel like your relationship will suddenly end: There will a threat, some kind of uncertainty in the heart that your relationship will end soon. But when one hasn’t learned to love oneself, there will be the anxious feeling that the relationship will not work for a long time. One has the feeling that it will happen to him/her as it happens to others.

Insecurities will always play a major part of your relationship: Everyone has some kind of insecurity in themselves. It takes time but they can find out. When one doesn’t love to themselves they will insecure by others regarding something that could affect their relationship.

It will make you keep coming back to what broke you: It is hard to anyone when someone’s relation get broken. They go to their past and starts remembering the things. It will hurt so much that one will need much time to recover from it. So, love yourself before going to a relationship so that whenever such things happen you will better know what to do in such case.


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