What beauty therapist does and list of top beauty therapist around the world.


The beauty therapist does a task of improving the outward appearance of the clients whoever comes there to seek the service being provided, performing the treatments that help the clients to relax and release tension and stress. As well as they also offer the various actions that improves the feeling of the clients how they feel mentally and physically. Usually, they do everything what a normal beautician do but also does the other task which require broad knowledge, more training and experiences. Hair and makeup are the most prominent areas of their job. They also perform the task of hair removal, manicures, pedicures, complete hair treatments, complete nail work, electrical and overall body treatments. Nowadays, it is a highly demanded career field.

List of beauty therapist:

From: Topeka, Kansas area
Education: International salon and spa academy.
Current: Beauty advisor at Lancome, owner of makeup and amp; Skin care by Jessica Ann, esthetician at spa affects.

Sumita Lalchandan: Beauty therapist at SOUGHTOUT SALON.

From:  Bangalore area, India
Education: boutique institute
Current:  Management at spa, beauty therapist and senior at SOUGHTOUT SALON

  • Denise Naidoo: Owner/ Therapist at Beautilicious

From: Johannesburg area, South Africa
Education: Montarena Secondary, institute of beauty technology, University of KZN.
Current: owner and therapist at Beautilicious

  • Carli Disibio: Beauty therapist at essential beauty

From: Adclaide, Australia
Current:  Beauty therapist at Essential Beauty

  • W L Au Yeung: Aromatherapy associates

From: Hon Kong
Education: CMM Monita hair and Beauty Academy, Hon Kong Comell University, further qualifications.
Current: Account Manager and Regional Spa Trainer at Aromatherapy Associates

  • Kourtni  Ann: Creative Director at Manaia skin body beauty

From: Brisbane, Australia
Education: New York film academy, Institute of Creative Design, further qualifications.
Current: Creative Director at Manaia skin.

  • Scarlett Hall: Owner and trainer at Beauty Therapy Salon.

From: London, United Kingdom
Education: Advance Training UK, The open University, Champneys International Health and Beauty College, Oakwood Park Grammar School, Maid stone Girls.
Current: Trainer at Leighton Denny Expert Nails, Owner and beauty therapist at Beauty Salon at Cromer Country Club.

  • Jaonna Banks: Beauty and Skin therapist.

From: Adelaide, Australia
Education: FIA Fitnation, Laser and intense pulse light safety course TAFE SA.
Current: Business Owner and Beauty Therapist at beauty suite.


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